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Vanhat rajapyykit

Old Border Marks

Why locals love it

The old border of Uppsala and Turku diocesan from the 14th century, is the second oldest treatise border in Finland. The entire border has been marked on the terrain with stone laundry during Swedish rule. The border follows the boundaries of the current municipalities quite closely: Kemi, Tornio, Ylitornio and Pello.



Why you should visit it

Starting from Tornio the border continues to Ylitornio and Kittilä and further along it to the west of Pallastunturi. The border was intended to separate the parishes of Länsipohja and Ostrobothnia from Lapland, and the border is also known as the border between Lapland and everything else.

Special tip

Boundary marks and the years 1596, 1686 and 1786 referring to the agreements has been carved into the boundary stones.

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