Cover image of this place Daimaru (大丸 神戸店)

Don't miss "Depachika" the food heaven.

Daimaru (大丸 神戸店)

Why locals love it

Have you heard the word "Depachika"? It means the basement floor of a department store, and the entire floor is usually dedicated to foods. A lots of local foods from fresh fishes to veggies, ready to eat meals and bakeries. It's a bit fancy place still a part of locals daily routine.



Why you should visit it

"Depachika"is a perfect showcase of local food culture. You may think you are not afford Kobe beef dinner at a fancy restaurant, but here in Kitchen Sugimoto, you can eat Kobe beef sukiyaki at reasonable price.

Special tip

Daimaru is right next to China town(南京町).

Daimaru (大丸 神戸店)
中央区明石町40, 神戸市, 兵庫県, 650-0037, 日本

Mon-Su: 10:00-20:00

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