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Tour from Kobe to Hiroshima

By Traveller August 17, 2019

Tour from Kobe to Hiroshima

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By Margriet Traveller August 17, 2019

We would like to make a tour from Kobe to Hiroshima on the 30th of March 2020.
We will arrive by cruise ship. Can someone bring us into contact with a local guide who takes also care for transport etc? My husband is 80 years old and he would like to visit Hiroshima. He can walk, but no long walks, that why we bring a foldable wheelchair with us
Would be great to receive some feedback.

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Hello Margaret!

This is Kaoru, a local guide in Kobe.
I’m already booked for March 30. 2020, unfortunately. But I think I can call other guides for you to help your private tour from Kobe to Hiroshima.

Is your ship MS Westerdam? Arriving at Kobe 08:00am on March 30, and leave on 31 05:00 pm.

From Kobe to Hiroshima, it’ll take one hour and ten minutes by Shinkansen train. ¥9490/person/one way. So it’ll be a day trip.

May I ask some other licensed guide’s availability and get you back? So that you can talk with him/her about itinerary and price?

Local Guru August 17, 2019
Hello Kaoru, thanks for your fast reply. Yes, please other guides if they can be of help to us.
Our ship is the MS Westerdam arriving at Kobe on 08.00 and leave on 31.05. That's why we would like to do the trip on the 30th of March.
Yes, please let him/her contact me. Looking forward to it and THANKS for your great help!

Alright then I’ll get you back in a couple of days.

Hello Margriet.

I made some inquiries and came up with 2 options. I put those informations together in the link below, please kindly check it out.

If you wish to make contact with one of them, I’d happy to help you. I’m available here, or my gmail:

Let me hear from you.

Hi Kaoru, I will discuss it with my husband this evening and come back to you within 1-2 days
Hello Margriet.

I came up with one last option. I’m not sure if you like it but let me share it here anyway.

Please take a time for research and let me know if you need any help.

HI Kaoru, thanks - and that's really a good option you offer us!
Yes, we are interested in Option C! Could you be of help to us and arrange all of this for us? Also the train tickets? Of course we can pay you in advance.
For your information: my husband cannot walk long distances, so we will take a folded wheelchair with us. I assume that this is not a problem?
The 2nd question I have is - we are 2 days in Kobe. Is it possible that you can guide us on the 31st of March, for instance Kobe and Osaka?
Or what should you suggest as a local guide?
looking forward to your feedback.
Hi Kaoru - please find below my email address: I think that's a little bit easier to communicate:
I will send emails to your address: