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Kolarin Kotiseutumuseo

Kolari's Local History Museum

Why locals love it

The Kolari's Local History Museum, located in the village of Sieppijärvi, has been established in Rova´s Farm. Seven buildings have been moved to the farm. The more than a hundred-year-old main building once served as a Inn. The oldest building at the area is the Small River Hut, underneath its logs, a Danish money minted in 1771, has been found.



Why you should visit it

The museum's artifacts tell of the local peasant culture from the pre-war period. There are signs for the museum along the highway. The museum also offers access to the Peasant culture of Kolari on an ancient trail about 1 km long. Remains of tar pits can be found on the trail, among other things, representing an important local side industry.

Kolari's Local History Museum
Rovantie 3, 95800 Kolari, Suomi

Tu-Sa: 11:00-17:00

Su: 12:00-16:00

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