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Any recommendations for nice green spaces?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

Any recommendations for nice green spaces?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I love visiting interesting parks and gardens while travelling, and I know that the best ones are often hidden. Are there any that are particularly special?

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Hello if you just wana have a nice walk , walk from Konstanz along the lake to the Strandbad Horn ( free public swimming place) its a nice walk on the beginning it’s on street then it chances and goes true some very nice areas. Konstanz is surrounded from Nature and green, it’s all depence what you want. Direct in the city ore you want to go out of the town.
Local May 23, 2018
Hello Maria,

as Konstanz is a very small town there aren't really any hidden parks or gardens :-)

But I can give you a few recommendations.....

Very nice is the park in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland).There is an open border (behind the Sealife center) and you won't hardly notice that you have left Germany ;-) The park is huge and beautiful for a long walk. I think there a some donkys and goats, plus a playgroundd for kids. And it is for free... no entrance required.

A lot of people will hang out in the Herosepark, going for a swim, having a BBQ or chill out with some music.

My favourit park is not located in Konstanz, it is in Überlingen. You could catch a ship (departure at the harbour in Konstanz) and head to Überlingen.
The park in Überlingen is for free as well. They have loads and loads of flowers. There is a lovely view point and even some deer (hidden in the forest).

In Konstanz I can recommend you to walk to the Hörnle, all along the Seestrasse. It will take you about 1h (one way) and the footpath is along the lake. It is very beautiful, I love to go there for a walk.

If you don't mind paying for the entrance (about 20€) I can recommend visiting the isle of Mainau as well. But be aware... it is very touristy.

Schloss Arenenberg (in Switzerland) is beautiful too. It is a castle with a garden. I think the garden is for free, the castle itself costs some entrance fee.

I hope these tips were helpful. When are you going to visit Konstanz?