By Traveller October 22, 2016


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By Polina Traveller October 22, 2016

Hi all,

Can you please recommend a good real estate agency? or even better maybe you know some realtor who can help for less commission :)

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The Property Sisters are the best. They come highly recommended amongst Krakows International Community.
Basia and Kasia are very helpful and understand the Krakow market.

They also do a video property guide.

If you are in Krakkw, Basia is doing a property buying seminar next Thursday (free of charge) to coincide with our regular monthly expat night.
Traveller October 23, 2016
Hey Polina,
Be honest with you, I have never used any of real estate agency. You can google and will find plenty of them. But I don't want to give wrong recommendations :) I usually use gumtree. pl or if I need to find a flat or a place where to stay.
Local Expert October 22, 2016
Hi,what kind of issue you have?
Local October 22, 2016
Hi ,what kind of issue you have ?
Local October 22, 2016