Krakow next weekend

By Traveller November 26, 2018

Krakow next weekend

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By Mike Traveller November 26, 2018

I enjoy, photography, food and sight seeing.
Is Zakopane worth visiting? Are there any brief Auschwitz tours? Are the salt mines that impressive?

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Hi Mike!

Zakopane is deffinately aplace worth to see if you like to feel like in Aspen, some hiking in a mountain valley would be also a great idea. Trip to Auschwitz may take whole day so I am not sure if it will be brief. When it comes to Salt Mine in Wieliczka, is not far from Krakow and it's a UNESCO world heritage place so for sure it's worth to see.

I hope I helped:)
Local Expert November 26, 2018
Thank you very much!
Mike Traveller November 28, 2018
I enjoy, photography, food and sight seeing.

As you like taste the traditional polish food, you can stay in Kraków itself. Zakopane it's definietly worth to visit for few reasons:

Views - Tour to Zakopane gives you the ability to take some impressive photography especially during the winter season but it's depending on weather conditions.

Traditional Highlanders architecture - it's our individual architecting style, you can't find it anywhere else.

Traditional Polish cuisine - During our tours you can have 2-5 hour of free time depending on option you choose. it's enough time to take some pictures and eat traditional highlanders Cousine.

Are there any brief Auschwitz tours?

You can go there by yourself buying a bus ticket and then a ticket to the museum. It's 70 kilometers This can be about 1h 30 min to get there by bus. Visiting Auschwitz Museum can take up to 2 hours and then you should go to Birkenau, it's 3 kilometers from camp 1 Auschwitz. You can take a taxi there. Then you need to go back to catch a bus or get back to Krakow by taxi as well.

In gr8way we organize a complete tour, with transport and ticket to both camps. The whole tour can take up to 7,5 hours long.

Local November 26, 2018
Are the salt mines that impressive?

It's on Unesco list, for 90% of people it's amazing experience to see underground lakes and chapels etc. There's always those 10% who will not like it as much
It's about 2,5 hours visiting Salt Mine. with transport it's about 4,5. You can take a bus 304 from the main station, or pick a train.

We also organize tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine. Hotel Pick Up, Transport there and back and ticket are included.

I hope now you have more information to make a decision. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask :)
Hi Mike,
Zakopane is very nice place but for taking photos there better should be sunny weather otherwise the city maybe be covered with fog or clouds.
Gubałówka is a great spot -
For even greater photos it is good to walk an easy trail to Morskie Oko -
Salt Mine is impressive!
- standard tour:
- adventurous tour:
Auschwitz Tour:

Hope this will help! :)

Have a nice day!
Local November 26, 2018