Street art

By Traveller March 27, 2019

Street art

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By tchiki Traveller March 27, 2019

I have some friends who told me to go “street art hunting” in krakow because there are a lot of secret gems! I don’t even know where to start, so where could i go?

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Jewish Quarter in different places, Polish history near Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street (nicest view on the pedestrian bridge from Podgórze to Krakus Mound), Mogilskie Roundabout, Charter Bennington near Main Train Station, Will Smith somewhere in Zabłocie (I haven't seen it live, but Mr Smith himself posted a photo of it on instagram). There are also very famous colorful stairs in Podgórze (like a rainbow), but I also haven't seen it live and I don't know where exactly look for them. Have a good time :)
Local March 27, 2019
Start in the historic Jewish district, Kazimierz and cross over the river to Podgorze