Some tips for the new in Krakow

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By Polina Traveller December 23, 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm going to move in Krakow for 9 months. I have some questions and would be very grateful if you text the answers
- How is your tax system works? I found out in the Internet that you need to pay 18% or 32% from your salary. Is it other taxes (social, security, etc) ?
- What is mobile system you can recommend (include calls, message and Internet)? Don't need super expensive
- Do you have a pass for transport? Also is it ok to cycling in the city?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Hello there - the rates you've found are ok but the 32% one is only applied after the moment of a given year when an employee crosses the limit of PLN 85 k earned so far. There are many mobile phone brands that offer their services in Poland, most of them are comparable in terms of how much you need to pay in the pre-paid system. The most internationally recognisable ones are T-Mobile, Orange and Virgin Mobile, they also have lots of sub-brands. Plus is a Polish provider, they seem to have the best LTE connections in Poland, I guess. There are transport passes used in Krakow, to use a discounted one you need to hold an ID of a Polish uni. They're fully electronic. What I think you should decide to buy after you come to Krakow is a 2 or 3 day KrakowCard which combines the admission fees to 40 museums with the public transport rides with no limit. You could use the time to visit as many museums and galleries as possible and familiarise yourself with the city. Once you make more friends, it is possible that you will find it difficult to devote your time to it and stick to pubs or clubs ;)
Aleksandra Local January 14, 2017
You have to be prepared if you work on "umowa o pracę" (contract of employment) 1/3 of your salary is tax (social security, tax, life insurance). It depends on the agreement. I reccomend you to buy just a card for calls , you do not have to sign any contract, you just buy it and you load the money for it with a code which you can use I reccomend you Virgin Mobile (not really popular but really cheap:) It's OK to have a bike in a city there are several bike roads so you can enjoy Krakow from your bike:) Hope I helped:)))
Iwona Local Ambassador December 30, 2016