cheap local eateries/pubs

By Traveller July 30, 2016

cheap local eateries/pubs

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By Eileen Traveller July 30, 2016

Hi I'm staying in the Jewish quarter of Krakow next week on a budget. Could you tell me of cheap places to eat and drink for lunch/eve meals please and how much? Thanks

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Restauracja Polakowski (Miodowa 39) £2 - £6

Cafe Młynek (Plac Wolnica 7) £1 - £4

Pierożki u Vincenta (Lea 114) £2 - £3

Bagelmama (Dajwór 10) £1 - £3

Warsztat (Izaaka 3 ) £1 - £6
Thank you!
There's a bar in Podgórze (just on the other side of the river from Kazimierz quarter) called Miejscówka, they serve hot sandwiches (real nice!). The prices range from 10-14zł but they also have good deals on food and beer throughout the week. The atmosphere is really relaxed too, and there's a beer garden with a nice view on the river and Bernatka footbridge :)
Local September 5, 2016

Check the Gospoda Koko right at the corner of the university. Cheap, fast, and huge selection of meals for dinner or lunch. It is much more a canteen than a restaurant, but the food is exceptionally good.
Address: Gołębia 8, go downstairs, and bring some cash with you (coins will suit your needs).
Local August 1, 2016