best use of our short time from Scotland

By Traveller May 4, 2017

best use of our short time from Scotland

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By Heather Traveller May 4, 2017

Hi myself and my husband are visiting Kraków for our anniversary in May. I understand it is all about the history and museums mainly for tourists but I am looking for some tips on how to get things done quickly to fit more into our time. We only have 2 full days and 1 half day in the city. Auschwitz and the salt mine are two of the main things we want to see but the tours appear to be full days. any recommendations for cutting this time down and maybe managing both in one day? Also I looked into maybe a hot air balloon ride or something, any idea what companies would be best to contact for this or any other adrenaline type tours/activities? I also see there are cycling tours, are there places to hire bikes without doing the tours? Sorry about so many questions but I'd love a plan of action to save time and gets lots done during our stay :)
Many thanks if you took the time to read all of this and I look forward to hearing any advice

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Hi Heather.The best way is to do Auschwitz and Salt Mine in one day.I myself organize such trips but You have to write the exact dates so that I can arrange tickets for You.As for the city sightseeing Segway would be good option for You.I can ask for a good deal for 2 of You.
Local May 4, 2017
Hi, Heather! I would like to answer some of your questions :)
1. There is an opportunity to rent a bike on Kraków streets, the biggest provider is: They have many stations everywhere in the city. Please, read their rules beforehand!
2. You asked about adrenaline type activities, may be segway tours would fit?! You can find such kind of tours or just segway rentals in the Internet, or, there are plenty offers on the Old town streets.
3. Talking about Salt mine in Wieliczka, as far as you will spend underground about 3-4 hours and the last admission is at 19.00, you can spend the half of the day in Kraków and then, by train reach Wieliczka, it takes only 21 min.
4. If you like walking tours, I will be happy to show you the most exiting places of the city and then I will help you with the train to the Salt mine in Wieliczka! You can read about my tour and book it here:
I hope I was useful! Have a happy anniversary trip!
Local May 4, 2017