Weekend in Krakow

By Traveller July 27, 2017

Weekend in Krakow

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By Cyrine Traveller July 27, 2017

I am visiting Krakow for this weekend and i will be there for 3 days, does any of you have any suggestions or advises please. Thank you.

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Hi Cyrine

3 nights in Krakow gives you enough time to spend a nice city break here.
When it comes to my recommendations, I’d keep a must visit list to

Day 1:


1. Take a walk around Rynek Glowny and Kazimierz districts. If you’re staying within the Old Town area you can do it on your own with a good guide book. Alternatively if you have a bit of budget you can opt for a personalised tour with agencies such as e.g.: https://krakowzwiedzanie.pl/en/ or if or if you don't mind group tours you can join Free Walking Tours

2. Take a Vistula river cruise to Tyniec Monastery you can book tickets )- you can book Tickets here https://www.e-statek.pl/

Night time:
3. Take a guided bar crawl - Krakow has huge number of bars and clubs, and it’s worth booking with professional agents, especially if you a travelling on your own, sicne you can meet a lot of new party people on the tour

4. Vodka tasting experience- here is a link to a great show, and it’s not only for Krakow stag do groups – individuals are also catered for https://partykrakow.co.uk/krakow-stag-do-activities/magic-of-polish-vodka-premium-tasting-experience

Day 2

5. Wieliczka Salt mine and Auschwitz Birkenau – both tours can be done in 1 day, especially if booked as an organised tour via professional agents

Day 3

6. How about a tour to Zakopane, which is a Polish winter holiday resort located in the Tatra mountains ?
Local April 27, 2020

There are certainly many places to go, and things to do in Krakow.
You should visit:
Kazimierz (at night especially)
Old Town (You can go to
Vavelsky Pub there
https://vavelsky.pl, great party there, great vodka tasting. )
Near Krakow there are
Salt Mine in Wieliczka, and Auschwitz Birkenau Museum.

If You need some ideas and help, please visit https://its-poland.com

Traveller April 27, 2020
Hello, please take a look at what we offer :)
Hi Cyrine! There are millions places in Krakow to be recommended. Definitely it is worth visiting the Sale Mine and Auschwitz. Not to mention the castle, main square, Kazimierz - the Jewish chambers and Bars & Pubs area on Dolnych Młynów street.
If you need any city tour I might help you: https://www.bumperball.pl/city-tours
Local October 16, 2018
Hi there, you can learn how to make delicious Pierogi with Eataway on saturday morning, Best regards Marta
Local March 12, 2018
About Citybreak:
-Underground Interactive Museum on Main Market Square - history od Krakow City.
-Old Town - dont take electric golf car for it, better is to walk with map, guidebook, or take walking guided Tour.
-Wawel Castle, hill and dragon cave - must to see!
- Kazimierz Jewish District - the best way for seesighting is to take electric golf car /buggy. A lot of small streets, interesting places on long distance.
- Schindlers Factory - located near Kazimierz on second side od Wisła river, in Podgórze - old Jewish Ghetto.

I recommend dinner on roof in vidok restaurant like jubilat supermarket.

Or Kościuszko Hill - if weather is enough good You will see all panorama of Krakow and +-50km around. :)

Local Tours <100km - Auschwitz Birkenau +-7h), Salt Mine Wieliczka(+-4h).
Local November 1, 2017
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Local September 5, 2017
From what I understand you're interested in Jewish history - then there are a few places around Kazimierz that are definitely worth visiting. I recommend bookshop downstairs of the High Synagogue on Józefa street, they have great books(in english too) and music. Just next to it there's Cheder, a real good cafe that serves also as culture center, with good Jewish food too :) Otherwise, there are a few synagogues and an old cementery around. While in Kazimierz, I recommend stopping by Vanilla - it's a small bakery-sweet shop but it's one of the best in Cracow.
Of course Schindler's Factory is really worth visiting, it tells a story about Cracow occupied by Nazis and specifically about Jewish citizens at the time.
Local July 29, 2017
Thank you, you are really being helpful. I'll try to visit all of them.
Eat some food made by locals :) https://www.eataway.com/city/37-krakow-poland
Local July 27, 2017
Thank you for replying? Do you have any specific dishes/ dessert to suggest?
Eataway is like the airbnb of dinner parties.
Irka Local July 27, 2017
What dates you'll be in Kraków?
I'll be there by tomorrow morning until monday at 21h
You can still contact Gosia and Piotr, they cook today evening
We would suggest something fun connected with polish food, vodka or beer :) For example "Polish Food Tour in Krakow". That is a great combination of culture, tradition and food. You will enjoy it for sure.

Station Warsaw Team
Local July 27, 2017
I suggest checking out speakeasys like Z Ust do Ust or MercyBrown, if you want a good cocktail. (If you're interested PM me and I'll get you on the list.

The old town there are tons of hidden gardens, on Sunday entry to some museums are free. The Archeological Museum has a beautiful garden on Poselska. Take a walk down Kannoniczna street for real old-world charm and for hidden bookshops and restaurants with great gardens.

Definitely do breakfast in Meha Cafe on Karmerlicka if the weather is nice. It's a peaceful oasis in the center of the city.

If you're into the hipster scene check out Forum for urban beach vibe, or Dolynch Mylnow, which hosts a bunch of cafes and bars and locals sit around drinking wine and beer on hot summer nights. (warning it gets packed)

In Kazimierz, make sure to stop by Singer at like midnight, and experience the cult dancing in this tiny space.

Make sure to drop by to Alchemia - one of the oldest bar in Kazimierz. For food check out Zenit on Miodowa or Karakter on Brzozowa - it gets packed on friday and saturday evening so its worth making a reservation.

Beer drinkers can try Wezze Kraft, Tap Bar or Multi Qulti. If you're into Wine, try the garden at Klimaty Poldunia, Barawino or Stoccagio.

In Zablocie, BAL does a open air film series over the summer:
https://www.facebook.com/balnazablociu You can also visit the Schindler factor and wander around Podgorze while you're in the area of town.

Hope that helps.
Local July 27, 2017
Yeeees!! Thank you that's really helpful. By the way i've heard about the polish folk night is it worth it?
Honestly, don't know - I've never been.
Irka Local July 27, 2017
It's okay i'll try to check with the hostel
If you have enough of the old town, see its opposite and perhaps visit a Nowa Huta with one local foundation, especially if you like places with recent history of XX century
Thank you for yoyr help but i don't think i will have much time
Obviosyly you want to visit the Old Town, Wawel castle and the Jewish Quarter - Kazimierz. Other than that my advice would depend on what you're into e.g. sightseeing, foodie, clubbing, pub crawling, excercise, etc. One thing I'd say though for a 3 day trip to Krakow is to stay in the city i.e. don't go to Auschwitz or Wieliczka.
Local July 27, 2017
Thank you for replying! Isn't auschwutz worth it?
Personally I'd pass on Auschwitz, if I was coming to Krakow for just 3 days. Yes, it is a very significant place and a memorable experience, but it will bring your mood down (I for one can't imagine going out on the night of the day after such a visit) and it will take you several hours, while there is plenty to do in Krakow itself over such a short time.
Yes but i really do not want to miss that since i am really intrested in WWII and the jewish community. Actually the first reseach i led was about the jewish community so it's kind of related to my studies. But still really thank you you are vert helpful!
Well, if it's a topic of particular interest to you, it's underdtandable. Since I've been to Auschwitz thrice I have a few pieces of advice. Firstly, don't go on an organized tour. Just take a bus. To Oswiecim and explore the museum by yourself. Secondly, I'd suggest going to Treblinka after seeing Auschwitz first. Treblinka was a much larger camp and even though there isn't much to see as the camp was destroyed, the sheer size of it leaves you with a lasting impression though.
Ohhh, too bad i just booked an organized tour. Well probabaly next time i'll do that i am planning to get back here with my mother.