By Traveller September 19, 2016


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By Fwteinh Traveller September 19, 2016

Hey I'm about to visit Krakow in January! I'd like to know what is the weather usually like that time of year. What should I take with me for the cold weather?

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Last year I remember it was reallly cold at that time - for a week it was -10.. But then it warmed up a little and the temperatures were around zero. But it varies each year so you better check closer to the date :) But I'd definitely recommmend bringing warm shoes, gloves and a thick winter jacket!)
Local September 21, 2016
It is quite cold, sometimes even snowing or raining. So better to pack some winter clothes
Local Expert September 20, 2016
Check this blog entry:
But I think this year the winter's gonna be either short and really cold or there will be none. Boots are something you should take, in both cases ;)
Local September 20, 2016
It's temperate so pack standard winter ware.
Traveller September 19, 2016
Itll be cold you can expect snow