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Do yourself a favor, book this tour and don't look any further!
I'm extremely glad I booked this tour! Everyone involved were very helpful and knowledgeable. The bus they use it's comfortable; and the pace is very manageable. They will come to pick you up (and drop you off) at your hotel if you request to. Small group, which is great because you may even get to know other people in the group. They provide you with a good size lunch; the guides are very knowledgeable and they make a very good effort to keep the group together. Truly enjoyed this tour. I haven't downloaded my images from my camera, so I hope I can come back and upload them later.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Sausauge party
1. Unfortunately 99% only guys. 2. For every free drink you wait 15min in the first bar. 3. Welcome shots are awful. But the Local Guys are nice.
Krakow Bar & Club Crawl
Lovely to meet Marta and watch her making pierogi. It wasn’t really a pierogi making workshop though as this is a separate event. We were able to help fill a few only. The food was very nice. It would have been good if Marta had been able to talk more about life in Kraków but conversation often dominated by one of the guests.
Marta's Meal: Polish Meal & Pierogi-Making Workshop in Krakow
Å perfect way to get to know krakow better
Delicious Krakow Food Tour: Kazimierz District (20% off until May 30)
Everybody Should.
My wife and i felt compelled to do this trip as we have had such a wonderful life compared to the the majority of Auschwitz-Birkenau inmates who had none . The tour was well planned and carried out with enough information on conditions and the setting for this tragedy to give us an insight into what these human being were put through .
Auschwitz-Birkenau Group Tour from Krakow
We've made Auschwitz-Birkenau private tour with Krakow Discovery and had a great experience. Driver was on time, gave us lot of information and support to join the Museum tour. After the tour, left us at Krakow airport on time. Highly recommended.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Group Tour from Krakow
The decision to go on the craft beer tour of Krakow was a great one. With the fantastic and helpful Sebastian as our host we were guided through the streets of Krakow's jewish quarter sampling some of Krakow's finest beers as well as some more international ones too. I would thoroughly recommend the tour - it was both fun and interactive and the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.
Delicious Krakow Craft Beer Tour (20% off until May 30)
Wonderful concert
I would do this again and again. Witold Wilezek is a great pianist.
Chopin Concert in the Heart of Krakow
An insightful, inspiring, eye-opening tour
It was one of the best guided tours I've had. Karolina, our tour guide, was absolutely great, showing us around Krakow in a coherent story, relaying facts and points from history but also making it interesting, entertaining and personal. We left feeling we learnt more about Krakow, its very important place in European history and people too. 3 hours weren't enough! Highly recommended:)
Krakow Grand Walking Tour
Amazing Hospitality!!
I had such an amazing experience at Marta's home! She was so welcoming and kind and was willing to share all about what to expect for the evening. The other people that were apart of the dinner were just as friendly and welcomed me with open arms. Upon walking into Marta's home, everything was absolutely beautiful in her kitchen and she was happy to share all of the details about the interior from what we could see. On top of all of that, all of the food Marta made was to die for and it allowed me to try foods that I normally wouldn't have eaten! This is definitely a great way to meet a local and learn more about Krakow and Poland in general!
Marta's Meal: Polish Meal & Pierogi-Making Workshop in Krakow
Exactly what we expected
Every step on schedule, safe drive, scorting the participants always until they met the local guides. The restaurant for a quick meal was touristic but with a fair food and prices.
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
The best!
As I was staying just a couple of days in Krakow, I was looking for an option that combined Auswitch and The Salt Mines. That's how I find Discover Krakow. From the beginning they were really polite and we organized the pick up from the hotel via email (as I mentioned that I didn't have my mobile number abroad). And they confirmed the pick up the day before via email also. The guide / bus driver was Konrad, who was really polite and spoke English super well! In site our tour guides were really polite and explained the site really well. Finally, if anyone is thinking in doing both sites (auswitch and salt mines) on the same day, I would say that this tour is the best. You don't rush at all, you have time for everything. It's a full day full of experiences.
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
We had a superb evening at Marta's house last week during our 4 day break to Krakow. It was such a refreshing change to sit with new people and also learn a little more about life from 'real' locals. Marta is a charming hostess and her food (excellent polish cuisine) was delicious. I know that several of the dishes were real 'slow cooked' food and they were clearly made with a lot of care and patience. If you are visit in Krakow, check out the site and see what's on. You won't regret it.
Marta's Meal: Polish Meal & Pierogi-Making Workshop in Krakow
This was a great way to start our stay in Krakow. Highly recommended, as it gave us a true overview of where to find things in the city and decide what to do and what to see on the days that came later and even though it was extremely cold outside, in the car it was much warmer and we could enjoy the city. Do it, you will not regret it.
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
Brilliant, very Knowledgeable guy, a great tour!
The guide was extremely interesting and knowledgeable. Such a great way to see and find out about Kraków
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
Overall a really good experience
This was a really great way to see the city if you are tight for time. We chose to do this today which was our last day, as we had planned tours the previous days. The guide/ driver was so helpful and so friendly. We unfortunately didn’t get his name, but whoever was driving the 9:30 tour today, was really great!! We purchased tickets separately for Schindler’s factory, which you have an hour in. At times it does feel rushed because you can’t stop and look at everything but you get a good enough feel for the museum. Overall a really good experience I would highly recommend!!
Krakow in a Day: 3-Hour City Tour by Electric Car
Amazing history and guide
On this trip to Auschwitz 1 & Birkenau we left early in the morning with a minibus, and we were only 8 people. That is so much better, cuz u get enough space and room, and you get a better contact with the guide as well. It was like a class of history in school. The guide guided us trough Auschwitz and told us stories about the different blocks (I) during the tour, while we were wearing headphones and a transmitter so we could take photos and look around while she were telling us stories. Amazing at the Birkenau as well. Very confident, huge experience, patient and a excellent guide I recommend to others. Im so happy I paid a bit more than the other companies, to avoid the crowd, have a smaller group and a well-speaking english guide who was patience during the tour. Highly recommend this!
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Brisk Pace, Sadness Prevails
This was a comprehensive tour of Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II (Birkenau). Our wonderful guide, Zsymon, kept us on a fast pace which while it could have been challenging for some, allowed us to stay separated from the tour group behind us as well as to see all there was to see at this two infamous sites. There are times that the emotion and sadness and anger at what took place grab you and make you want to just sit with head down. Our guide had personal knowledge of the sites and in-depth knowledge of the history of Poland and brought personal insight to the strange and sad history of this wonderful country. I would like to say - based on some previous reviews - that if you are not moderately fit, this is not your tour. If you use crutches or a cane, take a special tour here if offered. The terrain is flat, but you are walking on cobblestones and uneven ground. I clocked 3+ miles on this tour. So if your idea of walking is a stroll to the corner store, you will be tailing the group and not enjoying as much as if you were more capable of keeping up with others.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Little time left for lunch
Hotel pick up was confirmed day earlier by the driver and it was on time. Auschwitz and Salt Mine sites were professionally guided, educative and iteresting and fulfilled our expectations. At the beginning of the tour the driver informed us about the estimated time for lunch which was one our in a period between Auschwitz and before the Mine. Due to heavier traffic one hour reduced to 40 minutes. During that time we managed to receive only drinks for two people (we were a group of 7) and no food. The restaurant (Halit) was not at all too busy or crowded. Our two drinks came after 30 minutes of waiting! Our seats at the restaurant were arranged by the driver who allegedly informed the staff about the necessity of a quicker service due to lack of time. This is a whole day trip where you get up early and walk a lot in the open and in the cold. It was difficult to stay concentrated in the MIne with only one meal (breakfast) for the whole day. We received no apology from the restaurant but more importantly from the agency, that is the driver. The restaurant poor sevice is not their fault but the entire trip organisation is their responibility. In our opinion predicted time for lunch in this tour is not sufficient. The advice would be: bring your own food!
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow

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