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Entertaining and informative.
Krakow Communism Tour
Very professional
The organisation was extremely efficient and the guide who showed us the camps was very knowledgeable and, importantly for us, very sensitive and sympathetic.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Nowa Huta great trip!
Our guide was friendly and informative. It was great travelling in the Trabant and visiting the Milk Bar. Watching the propaganda film in the authentic appartment drinking Vodka took us back in time. Highly recommend this trip.
Krakow Communism Deluxe Tour
Nice, casual and interesting
It was great to have such an easy going and fun guide with great personal insights from his own and his family's experience. Though it would have been nice to get more info on the history side and how it shaped Krakows society today. Otherwise, it was a refreshing interesting tour, far from the traditional touring experience!
Krakow Communism Tour
I joined the XperiencePoland’s Limo Party Tour last week. The experience exceeded my expectations. My friends and I had a great time together! I recommend!
Limo Party Tour Krakow
Communism thing to do in Krakow
A friend and I booked the Communism Deluxe tour in late May 2016. We were picked up at our hotel in a green Trabant by the best crazy tour guide ever...Kuba M. He was relaxed, fun to spend time with. Knew how to be informative and fun throughout the tour. You really got to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Poland during the tough time of Communism. Apart from driving around Krakow in a cool Traby, you went to an old style MilkBar and ate traditional Polish dishes. We visited a typical apartment and drank Polish vodka. If you visit Krakow and have 4 hours to spare, this tour is a must. This was a true highlight of our time in Krakow even though it rained all day. The price of the tour is well worth it. Best money spent during our time in Krakow. Thanks for the memories Kuba, hope to see Krakow again real soon.
Krakow Communism Deluxe Tour
Most fun tour of our 7 week Europe trip
We spent seven weeks touring various cities in eastern Europe, and our tour in Krakow with Crazy Guides was one of the highlights of our trip. We took the Deluxe Communism tour, which goes to the communist community, Nowa Huta, which was established by Stalin as the "model" communist community after WW2. Our guide was Kornelia, and she was terrific. She was both knowledgeable and personable, and she spoke excellent English. Kornelia picked us up at our hotel in a lime green Trabant, which was fun to ride in, and our tour included lunch at one of the few "milk cafes" left from the time that the communists were in power. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and I would highly recommend taking this tour while you are in Krakow. I promise that this is a tour that you will be telling your friends for months after you return home.
Krakow Communism Deluxe Tour
Highlight of our trip to Krakow
I can't recommend the deluxe trabant tour enough. Firstly Nova Huta is a really cool and unique place and not something you are going to see in other ex-comunist cities. It is a soviet version of paris rather than a string of tower blocks. Secondly our tour guide was really great and we absolutely loved driving around in the Trabant. The deluxe tour gave us extra time to explore and my wife fell in love with the Milk Bar pierogis.
Krakow Communism Deluxe Tour
Perfect Last Night in Krakow!
The walking food tour of Kazimierz was perfection! We had some of the most amazing food we had on our trip and everything was warm and inviting. Kamila and Goksel were absolutely terrific hosts and guides! You would be a fool not to book this tour if you ever find yourself in Krakow. We didn't want the tour to end!
Delicious Krakow Food Tour: Kazimierz District
Vodka tour
What an amazing tour! We decided to go for the vodka tour, this involved 6 different vodkas in 4 different places the traditional Polish way! Also had the chance to try traditional Polish foods that allegedly help with the hangover! Our tour guide was knowledgeable and along with another couple we had an amazing evening! Would definitely book with them again should we return to Krakow! Really great way to start our anniversary weekend! A must try for anyone traveling to Krakow!
Delicious Krakow Vodka Tour
A real surprise
This really is a surprising place. Excellent tour - our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all questions asked of her.
Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour from Krakow
Very moving
This was an excellent tour and definitely worth the early start to avoid some of the crowds. Our tour guide Simon was extremely well informed and passionate about this very sad place.
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Visit on 4t October
Our guide, Simon, was very knowledgeable and very passionate and articulate in his explanation of the history and atrocities which had occurred
Auschwitz-Birkenau Small-Group Guided Tour from Krakow
Had a great day!
Conrad was awesome, really helpful and friendly. It was so good being picked up and dropped off at our accommodation. Our vehicle was comfortable and it was good to have the video playing on our way to Auschwitz. Conrad took us to a great restaurant for lunch which was much appreciated. He did a fantastic job hosting us for the day!
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
Auschwitz & Saltmine Tour
Very moving trip to Auschwitz. Excellent Guide & driver. Salt mines were good but could have gained access to mines sooner. A long wait to get in. Worthwhile.
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
Pretty poor experience
Our guide had never done this trip before and was in a rush to do another job so literally dropped us off and disappeared. We had no info at all on how the dinner worked and the waiter spoke no English. There was no choice of the hot food dishes. It just appeared and you got what you were given. No description or choice. We were only aware of the buffet from the advert we'd seen. Entertainment was good if somewhat sporradic and immediately blocked access to the drinks bar. We had no idea what was coming up next at all or when we would be collected or by whom. We had to call the tour company to find out what was happening. Good job we did or we would have ended up on completely the wrong transport back. In all, very badly organised and not really the value for money we had come to expect from the tour company . So whilst enjoyable it fell far short of expectations and we can't really recommend it.
Folk Show & Traditional Feast in Krakow
Great tour
I really enjoyed this tour, very interesting and the tour leaders were very knowledgeable and made the evening very relaxed...will recommend
Delicious Krakow Craft Beer Tour
Driver great, Auschwitz tour guide great, Salt Mine guide was terrible.
Hi, The driver & Auschwitz tour were great, but the woman leading the salt mine tour was not engaging at all. So much so that I sometimes tried to listen in on other tour guide's presentation. At one point I just took the earpiece out and went without because it was that bad. Maybe she was having an off day, but if not, then you may want to transition her to a different role within the company. I would hesitate to recommend the tour to a friend just based on this one issue.
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
Mostly great
Our driver amd the Auschwitz guides were both great. The Salt Mine guide seemed really bored, sleepy, and like she wasn't thrilled about being there. She seemed nice enough just such low energy. That part was disappointing 😔
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow
Powerful and profound experience
Auschwitz & Wieliczka Salt Mine Day Trip from Krakow