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By Traveller November 16, 2016


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By An Inactive User Traveller November 16, 2016

Hi there ! i wanted to ask about travelling from Kutaisi airport to Tbilisi. Is it possible to take some bus or minibus from airport straight to Tbilisi or you have to go to Kutaisi city center first?

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There are minibuses going straight from the airport. You can make a reservation online georgianbus.com
Hope you will have a nice stay,
Local February 28, 2017
Hello Gunta,
There are shuttle buses from Kutaisi international airports directly to Tbilisi. When you arrive, you can by tickets in airport, take a seat and go to Tbilisi.
Local Expert November 16, 2016
can you say how much the ticket may cost ?
and thank you very much for quick answer :)
Welcome :) Ticket price is 20 Gel (8 USD) per person. If you are several persons I can make private transfer for you.
we are gonna be 5 people travelling. We are arriving in Kutaisi airport at 11,30am and we want to go to Tbilisi right away.
Also can you tell me about returning from Tbilisi to Kutaisi city center, because we are planning on explore Kutaisi as well for one day. So we can take train, as well as bus any time of day right ?
Train has it's schedule and it's not so comfortable. Mini buses from Tbilisi to Kutaisi goes regularly.
What about the private transfer you mentioned ? Can you tell me more ?
I can make private transfer for 5 person for 150 Gel from Kutaisi airport to any place in Tbilisi.
can you give me your email so i can ask you about transfer more precise ?