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Kutaisi vardzia tiblisi

By Traveller June 22, 2019

Kutaisi vardzia tiblisi

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By tanja Traveller June 22, 2019

Hey, we want to go from kutaisi on monday to vardzia and than tiblisi - all in one day. Does anyone know if there is a tour like that? Or if it is possible to get a driver for that? Thanks!

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You can join my group tour from Kutaisi to Borjomi, Rabati and Vardzia. On the way back you can take a public minibus to Tbilisi.
Hey, thanks for answering. We just changed our plans and would go back to kutaisi instead of tiblisi. But we might join you. We are 2. How much would that cost us?
Public tour costs 51 USD per person. Price covers transportation and guiding service. You can search tours in Kutaisi you there you'll find Borjomi, Rabati and Vardzia day tour from Kutaisi. You have to book it in advance and pay online in order to attend excursion.