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Marshrutkas to/from Kutaisi downtown from/to Kutaisi airport

By Traveller November 12, 2019

Marshrutkas to/from Kutaisi downtown from/to Kutaisi airport

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By Roberto Traveller November 12, 2019

Hi! I know that from Kutaisi airport there are georgianbus or omnibus buses going to Kutaisi downtown.
But there are marshrutkas from the airport to downtown and viceversa?
Where are the stops in airport and downtown and what is the timetable? Many thanks in advance!!!

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The only thing you can do is to stand on the road near Airport like hitchhiker and wait for minibus to come. They have small sigh on the on the windshield - opposite side of driver where is written Kutaisi in Georgian (ქუთაისი). You can stop it to go to Kutaisi with it. But they don't have any schedule. You can never predict when they come.

I can provide a private transfer for 40 GEL (11 Euro) from Kutaisi International Airport to hotel in Kutaisi.
Local Expert November 13, 2019
Thanks for the reply!
And from kutaisi downtown to kutaisi airport where marshrutkas are leaving from?
From bus station that is located on Chavchavadze Ave. Next to McDonalds. This station doesn't have name. Everyone calls it McDonald's station :D There are minibuses that goes from Kutaisi to Batumi, or to Samtredia or to Zugdidi. They will give you a ride till airport as long as airport is on their route. There is no special minibus between Kutaisi and airport.

P.S. McDonald's station is not walking distance from center of Kutaisi. You can take a taxi for 5 GEL to get there.
Many thanks!!!!
Just another question: how to learn when there is the last marshrutka to airport or any idea of their timetable?
I'm not sure, but as I know the last minibus that goes to the direction of airport leaves by 6 p.m.

Even later you can stand on the opposite side of McDonald's building wait for minibuses that goes to Batumi (ბათუმი). You can stop them by hand (just like stopping taxi) and ask to take to airport. They might charge you higher like 5 GEL.
Thank you so.much! It's really hard to find information about marshrutkas. I speak a little bit Russian I think that it will help. Have a nice evening!