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By Traveller February 28, 2017


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By Rūta Traveller February 28, 2017

Hello, i would like to ask how could we go from Kutaisi airport to Chiatura? Is it possible to go straight form teh airport or should we go to the city center?( we want to try cable cars and see the Katskhi) after that we would like to to Borjomi in the same day. Is it possible to take a mini bus or taxi or something else? Thank you!

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Hello Ruta!
There are a lot of taxy drivers waiting to take you anywhere you want from the airport in Kutaisi but the price will be ofc much higher than from city center of Kutaisi. There are minibuses waiting by the airport and going many destinations but not Chatura i'm sure. You can check georgianbus.com to see where can you go straight from airport.
I dont know wha time will you arrive there but it might be a better idea to go to citycenter by taxy, take a break for xachapuri and then take a minibus from the station :)
Hope you will enjoy your stay,
Local February 28, 2017
There is a regular bus from Kutaisi city center, but it is once or twice a day. Regular bus does not take you to Katskhi. From Chiatura to Borjomi you'll definitely need taxi. To avoid daley and other problems (there might be some of them) I suggest to book a car. Taxi driver charge tourists too much. I can organize this tour for you. Please, contact me for additional information.
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Local Expert February 28, 2017