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Totally worth it - don't miss it ;)
It was very beautiful and nice tour. Unfortunatelly Okatsa Canyon was closed, so they changed it to Martvili monastery. Our driver was Ika, he was very kind and told us stories about Georgia.
Highly recommended to have this tour if you come to Kutaisi.
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Great views, average guide
A thoroughly enjoyable trio through some of the big outdoor attractions near to Kutaisi. I'd advise anyone doing this trip to take a packed lunch, as we didn't sit down to eat until 6pm. When we were told that we would be having lunch I held off eating... but it kept on getting later and later. I'm not sure there was any planning in this regard. Furthermore we only completed 3 out of the 4 excursions, missing out on the dinosaur footprints for lack of time. If our guide had discouraged us from some unnecessary walking (which added an hour to our journey) then I'm sure we'd have made it. This was disappointing, particularly as we'd been encouraged to buy the more expensive combo ticket. Finally, I'd suggest that the drivers be asked to play something other than banging EDM in the car for the hours spent driving... maybe, er, some silence? Anyway, it was a great trip. The Prometheus caves in particular stood out.
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
We really enjoyed the canyons & cave tour! If you stay longer in Kutaisi it's really worthwhile. Our driver was really nice and drove safely, and we also had an english guide, who answered all our questions. We also liked the fact that we didn't stop to eat at a touristy place, but that they took us to a local fastfood, where the food was great.
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
The best of Kutaisi's natural surroundings
If one had only two days to spend in Kutaisi, the "Caves and Canions Tour" should be a must for one of them (just as Gelati, Motsameta, Bagrati should "fill" at least a part of the other one).
Even if it rained almost unceasingly (which made impossible the visiting of Okatse Canion, which, due to safety reasons, they won't open to the public by bad weather), the trip was nice indeed.
Nino (the Medeea-like red haired guide:) was a great driver, a good guide and a vivid and funny conversation partner.
The canion(s) and the caves themselves are great. Both naturally (impressing views, waterfalls, subterrain amazing stone-formations) and humanly: Georgians have really strong skills for putting in value the natural beauties of their country.
A short wording like this cannot cover as indebted the beauties we saw at Martvili, at the (so called:) Prometheus' cave and at Sataplia.
Call Giga, plan the trip and you'll see by yorself!
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Kutaisi tour
Although I booked through this website and I was expecting to have an English tour guide, we did have none.
And as it was a rainy day , we missed on Okatse Canyon too.
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Excellent tour- excellent guides
Wonderful tour that was jam-packed with activities and brilliantly organised by Giga and Irakli.

You get to see 2 Canyons and 2 Caves which are all worthwhile in their own right. The guides are relaxed and give you options and freedom of choice to spend as much time as you want in each venue

Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Great tour but beware of additional costs
We really enjoyed our tour, it takes you to some beautiful places!
However while giorgi arranged for us to be picked up, we were left with a driver that spoke zero English. Fortunately one in our group spoke Russian but otherwise the day would have been a struggle... There's also extra costs at every stop e.g. A different car is needed to get from the ticket office to the entrance of okatse canyon, which really should be part of the overall trip costs.
Overall really enjoyed the day but make sure you carry enough cash :)
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Worth every cent. Mindblowing nature and a must while in kutaisi!
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Great, worth it
For the concerns, the guide is an organizer. The driver will look after you but it will be enough for touring the sites. You can have your own driver for your tour (even with the harsh driving/Gergian style). You need to pay enterance fee about 100 GEL per person in CASH. (4~5 sites at total) BUT STILL IT TOTALLY WORTH TO PAY IT. GREAT and BEAUTIFUL NATURE WAITS YOU. Thanks for the great tour.
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
perfect tour
This tour contains so much natural beauties, at the end of the day you will feel that there are 3 days behind you. Giga was not with us during the tour (it does not actually require guidance), but our driver (sadly we did not ask for his name) was extremely friendly, helpful and flexible, with professional Georgian driving skills : ) He also helped us arrange a 4x4 up to the canyon. It was an amazing experience, worth every lari, totally recommended : )
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi
Very good service and customer orinted people
Canyons & Caves Tour from Kutaisi

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