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Lomakeskus Himmerki

Resort Himmerki

Why locals love it

Resort Himmerki is located on the shore of the incredibly clear and fishy Lake Kitkajärvi, in Posio. We offer a variety of options from suite to home-style ridge cabins, with a quality lodging. In addition, there are electrified caravan parking as well camping opportunities.



Why you should visit it

Resort Himmerki near forest there is a trail, called Shaman's park. The trail explores the history and traditions of the forest Sámi, and the life of Posio's own witch, Jouni Junganpoj. Also reveals the magic and old beliefs of the Shaman. The trail can be accessed independently through a guide booklet or with a guide. It is worth reserve an hour.

Resort Himmerki
Himmerki, Posio, Suomi
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