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Cheese Cake and Strudel Bakery

Lviv plyacky

Why locals love it

Incredibly tasty baking are here! Cheesecakes(by Slavic style from grainy quark) with sweet toppings, strudels with variety of fillings, sweet or salty ones are served in this place. Super tasty! Young cheeful bakers roll out the dough and create the delicious stuff right before your eyes. The place is rather small but popular among locals.



Why you should visit it

Lviv cheesecake with a cup of coffee are the best start of the day. U can watch baking being made through the big window from the street. But it is much better to come inside, where smell of vanilla and fresh baking knock you out, and enjoy always freshly made cheescakes and strudels. U can buy baking to take away or sit indoors at a small table

Special tip

This spot is nearby the metro station Kontraktova Square and U won't miss it for sure, your nose will brought your feet there :-)

Lviv plyacky
Spaska Street, 5

Mon-Su: 08:00-23:00

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