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Accomodation & Best places to go days and nights please

By Traveller August 14, 2018

Accomodation & Best places to go days and nights please

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By Nico Traveller August 14, 2018

Would you be able to kindly share with me some name's streets of your city that I'm visiting soon in mid-August, for :
- nice parks
- trendy nighlife places
- big shopping mall

Which streets are the most central and suitable to have an accomodation?

I'll appreciate very much your answers.

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8 answers

As I usually say - Kiev it’s city in the park! You can find Parks, squares everywhere. If to speak about city center, then I recommend Mariinsky Park, Shevchenko Park, Boranic Gardens (we have 2)
-Night life places... well, we have a lot. Night clubs such as SkyBar, Chi, Bacardi Terrace, D’fleur, DaliPark,working usually only on weekends. Carribean club - all week.
We have a lot of cool bars with life music and DJ-sets.
- Biggest shopping mall it Lavina, but it’s quiet far from center.
Ocean Place and Gulliver can be more suitable, both are in center.

The most central street, Khreshatyk for sure, and it has a lot of aparts for rent, and couple hotels as well. Velyka Vasylkivska str (1-50th numbers) And all streets next to this two are more then cool for accommodation

Regards, Katya
Local August 16, 2018
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Local August 16, 2018
Oh, and as far as accommodation is concerned, the most central street is Khreschatyk, but I wouldn't name that area as the best to stay in. It's like staying in La Rambla in Barcelona, or Times Square in New York. I'd recommend Podil (e.g. Kostyantynivska, Yaroslavska), Zoloti Vorota (e.g. Striletska, Reitarska, Yaroslaviv Val), the area around the old botanical garden (e.g. Pankivska, Tarasivska). If you're ok with a little more noise, try Velyka Zhytomyrska.
Local August 15, 2018
- Shevchenko park is nice, but kind of touristy. I like the old botanical garden (Fomin), but the best ones are outside of the city — Mezhyhirya (aka Museum of Corruption), Feofaniya, Pyrohiv.
- I really can't name a single street, but there are some cool bars in the Podil neighborhood
- Central shopping malls are Ocean Plaza and Gulliver
Local August 15, 2018
here are some cool places to hang out

also check out in google Jazz on the beach concerts in UBK - there might be still tickets to this event
Local Guru August 15, 2018
Hello Nico. Here is my article on best areas to stay in Kyiv:

hope you will find what is suitable for you
Local Guru August 14, 2018
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Local August 14, 2018
Go for botanic gardens. Both are pretty cool. I would recommend staying around Lva Tolstoho square.
As for nighlife, places differ by preferences. My recent fave is parties at Selecta on Besarabska square.
For shopping malls - Ocean Plaza and Gulliver In the central part of the city, Skymall and Lavina Mall in more distant one.
Local August 14, 2018