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How do you avoid the kyiv street money scam?

By Local November 11, 2018

How do you avoid the kyiv street money scam?

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By brett Local November 11, 2018

Today someone (ukranian) dropped some american bills in a plastic case. I was speaking with the person beside me and we both saw it drop. I quickly scooped it up and passed it over to him. He said he had more money and started walking in the other direction. Within a minute he approached myself and the other man from lviv and started talking about his money that he lost. Within 30 seconds a man who showed us his police badge and tried to help out. He asked to see all of our cash. The man from lviv opened his wallet and i showed my grivnas. If i had american dollars would i have gotten scammed? What could have happened? And how can other tourists avoid this?

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do not pick up anything dropped in Kyiv, even if it's baby's dropped. usually it is a scam, they come and demand more money or simply seal it. happenned to the guests of my walking tours

simply walk away and do nit pick up anything
Local Guru November 14, 2018
To be honest i was warned of this scam once i arrived in Kyiv so i was aware. Not really sure of how it would play out until you mentioned it.
I have encountered this twice in Kyiv and both times saw the money drop ( first instinct as an honest america was to pick it up and return it) as you would hope someone would do the same for you, lol! usually.
luckily the first time someone was with me as i started to bend to pick it up they shouted at me NO! keep going, that’s the scam! we kept walking and watched from a distance to see what would happen the money was picked up by the guy as he looked around and then moved on. i was looking for the second individual in the scam but did not spot him.
My second encounter with it i remembered and just kept walking.
i hated the feeling of not helping out but rembered where i was and my prior experience. it’s a shame that this goes on and basically forces you to look the other way.
a helping hand, not in this case 😏
Local November 12, 2018