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Hello i am traveling to kiev in april?

By Traveller February 11, 2019

Hello i am traveling to kiev in april?

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By Farhad Traveller February 11, 2019

What are cool things one can do?,
Any good clubs and bar?
Where to eat some good food?

Thanks in advance :))

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if you want to feel like a local, here's my article "how to humiliate yourself in Kyiv" - have fun!
Local Guru April 27, 2019
Farhad, instead of taking food tours, just have a look on Like A Local - people posted dozens of amazing restaurants/bars and things to do for free. Or choose some alternative tours to see not just the golden domes of cathedrals;)
Local Guru April 27, 2019
Hello there. Optimal to take a local guide who can show you everything: Sights, Restaurants, Bars.
Take a look at Gastro Tour: https://guideme.com.ua/tour-item/gastro-tour/
Local April 27, 2019
Take some of the tours, been there 3 times and taken them every time. Returning again this spring too. I will take the bar hop tour this time.
Traveller March 6, 2019
Hello Farhad
You can get an answer to all your questions in my article

Local Guru February 12, 2019
You can visit Chernobyl.
Order private gastro tour (with master class chocolate)
Local February 12, 2019
Hi Farhad!
Where are you from?
We have a lot)) Depends what kind of bars you like - beer or cocktails/ rockk or jazz music..
The same situation with food. Do you want to try anything traditional ukrainian?

I have a blog in instagram where i make reviews about bars, food and places - you can check and decide by yourself (its ilovemycity.kiev)

Feel free to ask about your trip. Will be glad to help you.

Local February 11, 2019
I am from Sweden, i like some good cocktails and good music. I want try ukrainian food.
Farhad Traveller February 12, 2019
When do you plan to visit Kiev?
I defenetly can reccomend SHO restaurant and Lagerhead bar..
Julia Local February 12, 2019
Hello! We have many trip and tour. You can see in google Kraina UA. And you can write me text
Local February 11, 2019