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looking for a german speaking guide

By Traveller May 27, 2019

looking for a german speaking guide

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By Martin Traveller May 27, 2019

Hello together local guides in Kiev, my name is Ulrich. I live in Verden, a small town in nothern Germany 40 kilometres from Bremen and 110 from Hamburg. I want to make a journey to Kiew 6 days in June 2019. I`m looking for a german(!) speaking person/guide, but I didn`t found any informations about your skills of language?!?! And second: I didn`t found any informations about your fee. Maybe I didn`t found these informations? I have a lot of experiences with guides within my job working as a journalist. I need your support the whole time, 8/10 hours per day. But there will be a lot of time to rest for you, I promise! Of course all things will be paid. Your german must not be perfect!! My interest are the actual situation Kiew, social life, economic, politic, art and cultur, meeting people, local restaurants and cafes. I`m not interested in luxury things, restaurants with five stars and so on. So, how can be the prozedure(?): please contact me: my skype-name: Ulrich Fitzke. All further things/decisions will depend on. Heartly regards from Germany, Ulrich

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Hello Alex, thank you for your very kind answerand offer! But, I found yet a local guide with excellent speaking German, who will accompany me during my 6 days in Kiew. If you have any question concerning my country, let me know. You can contact me in Skype. I wrote my Skype-name. So, many thanks to you and the others local guides!! You are free to visit northern Germany, where I live! All the best to you, Ulrich Martin
Traveller May 29, 2019
Hello Ulrich! My name is Alex (32 yo) and I'm interested in your offer being a local guide with a private car at your disposal. It will be possible to cover much more areas as we can visit a range of stunning places and venues in the city and suburbs, while discussing its current news, stories, heritage and multiple situation in Kyiv and Ukraine. Unfortunately, my German is just basic (that I can remember from the school). So let me know please.

All the best,
Local May 29, 2019
Ahah, Alex, my German is also still alive from school:)
Hello and good evening Yanna, if you like you can improve your German....contact me in Skype and I`ll writ my email! Wish you a nice evening and week and thank you! Ulrich Martin
Hello, Ulrich. In order to find the right guide, you have to create a request on this website, that you are searching for a guide, state the time for it, and the fee you are ready to pay, then people will approach you with their offers.

Do not forget to mention in request that you are searching for GERMAN speaking guide.

Local Guru May 27, 2019
Hi, Ulrich!

Thnak you for your question.

Please, use thos link in order to hire the appropriate guide: https://www.likealocalguide.com/booking/locals/request/kyiv

In case of questions, please, message me.

All the best,
Yanna Rokalo
Kyiv Local Guide
Local Guru May 27, 2019