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Shopping, banya and swimming in natural waters

By Traveller July 29, 2019

Shopping, banya and swimming in natural waters

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By Julia Traveller July 29, 2019

Hello! I am currently in Kiev today it will be 32 degrees! So I am thinking of visiting a shopping mall where locals might shop! Not high end just value for money. Can you suggest the best mall for a woman over 40 who is stylish but not into mass produced international brands? Also for later in the week the best banya? (I am staying on the blue metro line near Kontractova Ploscha) lastly in 2018 I swam in the Dnieper river but this year there are green algae blooms- any suggestions for great swimming rivers or lakes?

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regarding shopping, you can read my article on shopping in Kyiv
Local Guru July 29, 2019
Alina, I made a mistake and was hoping to book your awfully awesome walking tour- accidentally I was talking to another like a local. Tonight is my only night free but the site will not let me try and book you. Are you available?
hello, Julia, thanks! it does not let you book because today i have other tours booked. i am available tomorrow though
I see thank you I think I might be able to take your tour at 5pm tomorrow- are you free then?
so far yes
Hi Julia,
I think, Darynok mall (Lisova Metro st.) would fill the bill. It's a huge one with wide range of goods. I'm not exactly an expert on shopping, but you can find virtually anything there. As for banya, try this one:
it's probably within walking distance from your place.
My favorite for swimming is "Ministerka" lake, located at the outskirts of Obolon district (link below),30.4684614,14.61z

Have fun!
Local July 29, 2019
Thank you so much!
Very welcome
Yuri Local July 30, 2019
Hi, Julia!

Welcome to Kyiv!

I can recommend you two local producers shops: the one is Vsi Svoi (Всі свої) on Kreschatyk str., the other one is Must Have (inside Globus shopping mall) on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Related the banya it's complicated because we don't have any public SPA or banyas. I can advice you to visit the summer swimming pool, for example, Olmeca place or City Beach Club.
Also inside Dream Town shopping mall they have aquapark with saunas and pools and it's on Minska metro station which is exactly the blue line.

All the best,
Yanna Rokalo
Kyiv Local Guide
Local Guru July 29, 2019