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What is the best festival in kyiv?

By Traveller July 29, 2019

What is the best festival in kyiv?

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By hassan Traveller July 29, 2019

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Hello. That's depending on the subject you interested in.
Films - Molodist (held in May) + KISFF (short films festival in April, but they have many screenings during all year).
Music - Atlas Weekend, which is a massive event held in big expo center for a week in July with bands and singers from all around the world participating, you can compare it with Sziget.
Techno, dance, electro music (that's
a biggie here) - Strichka, Rhythm Buro, Ojitiododo, CXEMA, BRAVE! Factory festival ...and so much more.
Food - Ulichnaya Eda, they have different theme each month like coffee, beer, scary food etc, but their main event will be 10-11th of August .
Also our main fashion market may sometimes act like a festival -it's called Vsi Svoi (Всі Свої).
Last but not least is Kurazh Bazar (Кураж Базар) which is combing music, films, dance, fashion in one big market with stages and some playgrounds.
So enjoy your festival life in Kyiv :)
Local July 30, 2019
Really thanks for your replay 👌🙏