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Things to do on Sunday evening?

By Traveller September 1, 2017

Things to do on Sunday evening?

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By Adam Traveller September 1, 2017

Wanted to find out what to do on Sunday evening. Mixing up with locals and have a fun social experience is what i am looking for. Thanks.

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2 answers

I ment city center
Traveller November 9, 2017
Adam, I have an easy solution for you - book a bar crawl with our beautiful lady-guide on
You will visit two secret bars and a nice nightclub!
Local September 2, 2017
He Kate, is this possible in the coty center? Greetings Richard
I ment city center! Sorry for the spam Adam
Sure, exactly in the center I know two secret bars. But please text on whatsapp +380660679089
Kate Local November 9, 2017