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Lobsters, oysters, crabs???

By Traveller February 26, 2018

Lobsters, oysters, crabs???

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By San Traveller February 26, 2018

Where can I have amazing Ukrainian seafood in Kyiv?

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Dear San! When it goes about Ukrainian seafood word amazing is not an appropriate one, I think! Because Ukraine is not the country which is producing all those seafood things. Ukrainian food has other awesome food which is worth trying. But if you are a seafood lover, than here is the list:
- Fish on fire (Ryba v ogne) - they always have fresh fish and seafood with local accent
- Catch - it`s popular and stylish one
- Rybnyi bazar (Dish bazaar) - one of the oldest in Kyiv for fish and seafood
Hope, that this info will be useful for you:) Have a nice stay in our wonderful capital!
Local February 26, 2018
You can try some of Dima Borisov's restaurants
Local Guru August 27, 2018
Hi!! Restaurant Bessarabia ( near Bessarabskiy market )
Local March 1, 2018
Hello, dear San!

Welcome to Kyiv!
I can also suggest my favourite place where I`ve been lot of times: https://www.facebook.com/fishcafe.com.ua/
Prices are affordable, fish is delicious. Don`t miss their special offer!

Kind regards,
Yanna Rokalo
Local Guru

Local Guru February 26, 2018
Probably, Catch will be the best solution
Local February 26, 2018
Thanks Vlad 😃
San Traveller February 26, 2018