Cover image of this place The Lab Handcrafted Coffee & Comforts

The Lab Handcrafted Coffee & Comforts

Why locals love it

Amazing gourmet coffee by a very popular friendly coffee maker, this place is the meeting of all walks of life, from the very rich to the Bohemian. Lots of business meetings and creativity take place here. A must for every local.



Why you should visit it

Fresh Roasted Coffee from 7 of the Best Craft Coffee Roasters in the US, 40+ Teas, Handspun Small Batch Cold Sweet Creams & Pastries. A must-go for all tourists, especially coffee lovers. That's enough, but go for the friendly owner and service. Easily accessible by walking and bicycling.

The Lab Handcrafted Coffee & Comforts
1024 Camellia Blvd No.6

Sa: 08:00-22:00

Mon: 06:30-18:00

Su: 09:00-18:00

We-Th: 06:30-21:00

Fr: 06:30-22:00

(337) 889-5782
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