Lisbon City Guide: 207 Best Travel Tips from Lisbon Locals

Alfama in Lisbon

Why locals love it

The oldest and one of the most typical neighborhoods in Lisbon, locals still scream to the window of the house so that someone opens downstairs door, the laundry is hanging on balconies and they sit outside their doors chatting. A neighborhood full of alleys, backyards, little streets, tascas and very friendly locals living their day to day life.

Why you should visit it

The streets are adorned with colorful little flags during the all month of June (sometimes they keep the flags hanging) and on the night from 12th to 13th June, it gets crowded in Alfama; you will eat sardines in bread or with salad and drink beer and more beer; and sing Popular Music. This celebration is called Santos Populares.

Special tip

Go to a tavern, have some cups of aguardente, Portuguese brandy and you will be able to sing Fado Vadio, which is the Fado sang by non professionals.

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