Lisbon City Guide: 207 Best Travel Tips from Lisbon Locals

Baixa in Lisbon

Why locals love it

It’s still possible to find those old shops like haberdashers, which can be very useful for those who still sew at home. A very typical way to spend the Sunday afternoon was strolling to the streets of Downtown, heading to the river and to Cais das Colunas, the noble entrance of Lisbon in the past.

Why you should visit it

This neighborhood was destroyed by the earthquake in 1755, the worst earthquake in Europe, and rebuilt with a project of Marquês de Pombal. The project consisted of the first neoclassic urban planning and the first earthquake-proof construction on a big scale. You will cross with shoe shiners, street performers and African community.

Special tip

Nowadays, these streets are a mix of different trades; but back in time, to each street was given the name according to shopkeepers and craftsmen.

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