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By Traveller July 7, 2016

Restaurants choices

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By Sisko Traveller July 7, 2016

We are a group of six young adults and coming to Lisbon for a week on 26.7-3.8.2016. My boyfriend turns 35 on the 2nd and I'd like to take him out for a good dinner. He loves good food, especially meat and smokey whisky. Do you have a recommendation for a dinner place for six persons? We are staying in Parade area.

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Boteco do Largo. They are the best in events/parties.
Local July 6, 2018
Thank you for so many great answers! At this point the "naco na pedra" is the most interesting choice ! Im sure my boyfriend would love that. I would be really interested in the Restaurante Cabaça near Praça Luis de Camoes. Does anyone know is it possible to reserve a table there ? Or can we just go without a reservation on a tuesday night? They dont seem to have a website
Traveller July 8, 2016
Super! It is always better to reserve a table. Here you have all the contacts they have: Address - Rua das Gáveas, 8/10, Bairro Alto Phone - +351 21 346 3443, open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays only and you will need to pay in cash. Enjoy!
Hi Sisko,
Parade is a little out of Lisbon but very close by train and train tickets are cheap and run often. As the guys below suggest I recommend bars like Foxtrot or Parodia for good whisky cocktails. Cafè de São Bento or O Talho (steak tartar served with a vodka shot) both can be booked and are tried and tested for steak and meat dishes.
For an unforgettable seafood meal if you go to Cascais (also highly recommended for a beautiful beach) try Boca do Inferno, you may need to take a taxi from Cascais train station.
For lunch in central Lisbon I also highly recommend Taberna da Rua das Flores or Vicente both on the same street.
Local July 7, 2016
As a local, when I think of meat dishes I immediately think of "naco na pedra" which is a tender piece of steak served on a hot stone which you can cook yourself at the table. This would be an original option for a special birthday dinner for your meat loving boyfriend as opposed to the more simple "bitoque" or "bife à café". These last two are typical ways to serve steak in Portugal but are much more simple dishes. I would recommend you sample them at Café São Bento or at Café Lisboa a Chefe Avilez restaurant.
Here are the links for both places: (also a good choice for whisky

If you opt for the "naco na pedra" however then you really must go to the typical Carnide neighbourhood. Here you have several options : "Adega das Gravatas" or "Paço de Carnide" are both excellent.
Here are the links for both places:

Carnide does have a Metro station but I would recommend you take a large Taxi for 6 as it will be cheaper and more comfortable.

I hope you have na excellent stay in Lisbon and that you enjoy your dinner whichever option you choose.
If you do decide for one of these restaurants please let me know how it was!
Local July 7, 2016
Sismo, if you want to impress him, you must book a dinner in the restaurant Lá Paparruxa. Amazing food and a beautiful view to the castle.
Hi Sisko.

For meat I recommend you O Talho e Sala de Corte.
Whisky is not yet a big thing here is Lisbon. Matiz Pombalina and 5 Lounge are very good cocktail bars where I guess you'll find good whiskys.

Traveller July 7, 2016
Hi Sisko . Would you consider a cooking class with meal or restaurant for dinner only?
Local July 7, 2016
Hi Sisko.
I recommend you the following restaurants:
- Restaurant "Bica do Sapato" ( and a good place to dinner, drink something and observe Lisbon.
- Since in Portugal the typical food is fish (codfish and seafood), I recommend you to eat in “Prego na Peixaria” ( a fish burger in “Bolo do Caco” (a bread from Madeira) and drink a Portuguese Gin. There are, also, options with meat in this restaurant.
- “Time Out Market” (Mercado da Ribeira - – is an old market transformed in a place with different restaurants (gourmet) that give you the opportunity to taste different flavors and drink something.
Let me know if you need more information.
Traveller July 7, 2016
Hi Sisko, I recommend "Atalho Real" in Princípe Real, they have some really good steak! I took my boyfriend there and he absolutely loved it :) Since you're a group of six I recommend you book a table in advance. For whisky I recommend "Foxtrot" which is really close to the restaurant, a classic bar with a hidden patio outside.

You can check both places here:
"Armazém 22" in Cascais (near Parede area) has great meat! [Adress: Rua dos Navegantes, 22, Cascais, Portugal; Phone +351 214 822 340]
In Cascais you can also find many bars with good smokey whisky, in a real nice town with great nighlife.
The "Sargo Bar", in Parede beach [Phone +351 214 571 234], is also an excellent spot on the seafront to eat and drink at the sunset. Enjoy!!
Local July 7, 2016
We had been as a group of people once to a restaurant called Restaurante Cabaça near Praça Luis de Camoes. They have good meat that yourself cook with hot stone. Noone was disappointed. However, you better make a reservation because there is always a line in the front. You can check it out here:
Local July 7, 2016