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Zomato app

By Local March 6, 2018

Zomato app

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By Leslie Local March 6, 2018

Bom dia

I happen to know zomato app.
Do Portuguese mostly use zomato app?

Usually Trip advisor or Google maps usually have a lot of tourist reviews. However, the Lisbon restaurant reviews written in zomato app seem to be almost written by locals :)

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6 answers

Yes is a local application
Local March 6, 2018
Thanks for your reply:)
What do you need to know about the restaurants ?
Avoid the most turistic areas and you will be fine....

best regards
Local March 6, 2018
I think so :) Thanks a lot
친애하는 레슬리 ,

I personally do not take opinions out of TA for granted ; first I know absolutely nothing about the characters involved, nor about their standards ; second, I've walked out of places in SE Asia and S America, chased by the employees, begging me to post a 'good' comment on their establishment and I even heard about a place down in Mexico, offering free Beer in change of a good comment!!!...

I basically seem to trust more the places mentioned in Zomato and/or other sources for a start...and seldom do I compare them to TA...

Basically I trust 'my opinion' and normally go for it. Needless saying that there are some places I have never returned..

Live Happy, and Trust the Universe!

Safe traveling and wonderful foodie experiences!
Local March 6, 2018
In fact, I do not have much trust about TA either. TA seems to filter reviews. Thank you for your feedback. Have a GREAT day :)
me too :) Thanks a lot
Local March 6, 2018
Yes. Zomato is more used by Portuguese than Trip advisor or Google.
Local March 6, 2018
Thanks for your answer :)
Yes I do agree. You can also try this one, https://www.thefork.pt/
Thank you so much. I’ll install it on my phone :)
Hi Leslie,
I only use it when I'm looking for something new. But usually, I tend to go to the same places I already know.
Local March 6, 2018
me too :) Thanks a lot. Bom dia