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A must-do experience while you are in Lisbon!
This experience was certainly one of the highlights of our trip. Spending the evening with Patricia and her family cooking and enjoying an authentic Portuguese dinner was an absolutely amazing experience! We were also very fortunate to learn much about the history of Portugal during our visit. Thank you so much Patricia with love.
Cook with a Local Family in Lisbon
Completely misleading
Nowhere in the description is it mentioned that this tour is operated out of a hostel. If I’d known that I would never have booked it. If you’re under 21 and travelling on minimum budget it would probably be okay. Not even the local taxi driver could find the address and then when I finally got there I was told to sit outside at a picnic table and wait. Absolutely no organisation, staff were dismissive and quite rude. The tour “guide” spoke to his mates in Portuguese all the time despite the fact that everyone who paid to be there were clearly non locals. The food was unnecessary and not very good. I left after 45 minutes as the prospect of spending any further time with the lack of organisation and the guide was not acceptable. Best part - they paid for my taxi home.
Lisbon Fado Tour
Great street art
Very knowledgable and relaxed guide, happy to customise the tour based on your preferences. We went to some areas that we couldn’t have done on our own.
Lisbon Street Art Tour
Not a cooking class but a fun communal cooking activity
Three of us turned up expecting a cooking class. But we knew this was different when we were offered " help yourself wine" and snacks for the duration of the class. We were told of the menu and each person (14 participants) assigned activities to make our 4 course meal. No recipes were handed out and we weren't run through the method and ingredients for each course , although they are available somewhere on the internet. Rather we spent a lot of time chatting with fellow class members drinking wine and snacking. We didn't have to do any cleaning up or serving the final result was more like a meal in a restaurant with a fabulous fun bunch of strangers. Not what we expected but a great night nonetheless
Portuguese Cooking Class in Lisbon
What a wonderful time in magic Lisbon
We went to Lisbon on the 1st of december. We had been there several times and wanted to discovery a different city so we booked with city guru. I must Tell you it beat all our expectations. First of all we told them we had two pets traveling with us and they say no problem and recommend us the garden tour. We arrived to the meeting point at 10 to 10 and then We had another fantastic surprise, her name Marisa, a spanish girl, with her explanations we visited many interesting places. We really recommend it!!
Private Tour of Lisbon's Secret Gardens
Amazing tour!
My friends and I booked the "Random Lisbon Zen" tour in Lisbon with City Guru and had such a great time! It was our second time in Lisbon and we were searching for something different to do. They´re very friendly and professional guides, gave us a lot of useful information about the city, and learn so much about amazing places in Lisbon that we wouldn´t even imagine to discover on our own. Highly recommended!
Lisbon Random Zen Tour
Fun night out
This cooking class was fun. We made a full meal as a group and the atmosphere was very laid back. The course was totally worth doing;however, everyone was working on different components so most people missed how to make each dish. It was more of a cook together class than a lesson.
Portuguese Cooking Class in Lisbon
amazing experience and memorable stories
This was truly one of a kind experience in Lisbon. A powerful combination between the undeniable talent of the street artists work discovered on this journey and the incredible talent of our guide who was a great story-teller, well-informed and extremely passionate about what he was doing. And the places he took us to were not just like a secret-Lisbon that he unveiled for us, but picturesque and unforgettable places that he gave us access to. I would strongly recommend this tour not only to the urban art lovers out there, but to all great experiences hunters of any kind.
Lisbon Street Art Tour
Belem cycle tour.
Kat was an excellent guide very patient and knowledgeable. She also recommended a place for dinner which we tried the next night. Excellent. Would highly recommend her.
West Lisbon & Belém E-Bike Tour
Street Art Tour
Had a great day seeing the street art in the local neighbourhoods. Our guide was great and really passionate about street art. We got to go see some street art that we would never of found on our own. Thanks guys.
Lisbon Street Art Tour
Lisbon 2017
Maira made my tripp to Lisbon to a sucess. So many nice places and so good food. Will always remebeber this.
Maíra B in Lisbon, Portugal
Nice, but little overpriced
Portuguese Cooking Class in Lisbon
Best free tour Lisbon
This tour was amazing, very good combination between history, culture and fun, but what I like more was the way the guide mentioned the current political, social and economic actual situation of the Lisboetas, being from here I felt very well represented
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour
Nice tour with very expressive guide
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour
Rita is an experienced guide who was really friendly and knowledgeable about Lisbon's history, culture, and social life. She took me to several cool places that I would have never found on my own. We walked and talked, ate and drank, it was great!
Cascais Fish & Farmer's Market
Rita is an experienced guide who was really friendly and knowledgeable about Lisbon's history, culture, and social life. She took me to several cool places that I would have never found on my own. We walked and talked, ate and drank, it was great!
Azeitão Wine Tasting Tour from Lisbon
Rita is an experienced guide who was really friendly and knowledgeable about Lisbon's history, culture, and social life. She took me to several cool places that I would have never found on my own. We walked and talked, ate and drank, it was great!
Poetry & Nightlife Tour
My unforgettable street art tour in Lisbon!
Before I ordered my street art tour I was aware of the reputation of Lisbons street art, but I wasn't expecting to get amazed that much as I did during this trip. We were a nice little group who were interested in street art, so it made the communication really easy and interesting between us. We were picked up by our very charming guide Jose´ in his van and drove out of the city center where we were introduced to most amazing street art I have ever seen in Europe. Thanks to Jose´s very friendly, warm and down to earth attitude, I enjoyed my tour very much. His engagement in street art was genuine and he had very friendly approach to the locals where we have seen the most of the street art. That was specially important since we were taken to the earlier "troubled" neighborhood. This was a perfect way of exploring the Lisbons other faces. I would very highly recommend this tour to everyone who is interested in having a different approach to Lisbon!
Lisbon Street Art Tour
great guide
Our local guide was wonderful. She drove like a pro, knew her material and was attentive to all without unneeded chatter, Just the right mix for a relaxing yet informative trip. My only negative was that your company did not give good information as to how to get to the office, If you had stated that it was in the train station on the second floor it would have been much easier to find.
Day Tour to Sintra from Lisbon
We had a tour with Rafa and he was really great. He gave us lots of information about Lisbon but what I liked the most about him was how passionate he was telling all his stories. He can really make you go back in time and skip all the noise around you. I had several tours during my stay and this was by far far the best. I just wish the tour coukd cover Mouraria, or in another tour. Highly recommended!
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour

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