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Secret lisbon gardens
My feed back:
Our tour was on a Saturday, when yr office is closed apparently. It was hard to find yr location and we had trouble with phone communication so were VERY happy when we arrived and found our tour guide.
We loved walking around and the historical info our guide gave us, and really appreciated the cup of coffee and water!
We had a different expectation of " tour of secret Lisbon gardens ", and so were disappointed. I think you have to call yr tour : A walk through public parks.
Having worked as a garden designer/landscape architect in the US and the Netherlands for the last 30 yrs, I expected more knowledge about the various trees and shrubs and growing conditions, more about what is going on in the landscape architecture world of Portugal, in short more about gardens and gardening.
Private Tour of Lisbon's Secret Gardens
Perfect evening
Before this trip. we have never been on a sailing yacht before. We totally fell in love with this experience.
We had an amazing time sailing with Mario. It's an excellent way to see the city by boat and relax.
Mario was very welcoming, he gave us many details about Lisbon, about the Portuguese culture and this made the tour even more special.
We have enjoyed a beautiful sunset as well - the evening could not have gone better.
Thanks again Mario, you deserve a golden star.
Lisbon Sailing Experience with Mário
Wonderful experience
Authentic Fado Experience
Great fun, cool people, fun guide
Lisbon Pub Crawl
I would highly recommend this experience! It really can be whatever you make of it; you can simply relax aboard Mario's lovely boat, you can ask questions about what you are seeing (Mario is very knowledgable about Lisbon, the history, etc.) or you can step up and play captain! My husband steered the ship, with Mario's guidance, and he had a blast while learning a lot about sailing from Mario!
Lisbon Sailing Experience with Mário
Sailing with Mário is great fun. We enjoyed every minute of the 2 hrs trip. You can assist on board in you want, so you can also get a bit sailing experience. Mário is such a nice and relaxed host, was a wonderful atmosphere on board.
Lisbon Sailing Experience with Mário
Mario is fantastic! Very friendly, extremely professional, and fun! Will give you a better sailing experience than you could get with any of the companies in Lisbon. sailing is his passion and he is wonderful to chat to and makes the whole experience fun for everyone ! Highly recommend :) thank you Mario !
Lisbon Sailing Experience with Mário
A great sailing experience on a beautiful sail boat and fun company. The views of Lisbon from the water are great and Mario loves to share his knowledge and experience in sailing! Thank you.
Lisbon Sailing Experience with Mário
Great tour
Rafel was an excellent guide. He was passionate about his city. He endeavoured to get to know his group and to tailor his deliver to our interests. His know of the details of the history of Lisbon was thorough but more importantly he endeavoured to bring that history to life so that we could relate to the times.
A very enjoy tour that went way to quick.
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour
Best Guide Ever!
Gervásio shared a vast amount of knowledge about Portugal. I have had guides all over the world and never have had one with such an extensive background. It was obvious he loved his country as he delved into our tour. He even answered our questions about other areas of Portugal not included on our tour. Additionally, Gervásio was friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend a tour with him!
Private 9-Hour Tour of Évora & Estremoz from Lisbon
Epicurean adventure - From Market to table
Luis and Tomas created a memorable experience of Lisbon starting with a visit to a market to acquire the freshest of ingredients, followed by a winery tour and tasting and culminating in a hands on cooking session creating a sumptuous feast of local dishes accompanied by Portuguese wines. The atmosphere at Cook & Corks is friendly and inviting, not at all stuffy nor formal. We were encouraged to try all aspects of the meal preparation, and our modest efforts were well rewarded. It was history, geography and epicurean delight all rolled into one tour! For a unique travel experience I would highly recommend Cook & Corks.
Portuguese Cooking Class with a Local Chef
A bunch of flavors and knowledge
Luis and Inga created a perfect evening for us, with high attention, love for details and patience for all the questions we had. It starts with an aperitif with wine, olives, bred and oil and some other snacks. Chef Inga is an icon of Portugals warmth and we loved her way aspiring for the real Portuguese kitchen.
Portuguese Cooking Class with a Local Chef
Unique Cooking & Dining Experience
For a delicious & fun evening, try Cook & Corks. It’s a gourmet Portuguese cooking class complete with hors d’oeuvres, a fabulous dinner, beyond-memorable dessert and bottomless beverages.
We were lucky to have Pedro Marques as our chef. He was as entertaining as he is talented, guiding us to prepare our 4 course meal. We intentionally planned it for our first night to get helpful tips and insights about Lisbon restaurants and sights. Highly recommend this for couples, friends and/or families with teenagers. We did a private cooking class 630-930pm but I’m sure the group classes are excellent too.
Portuguese Cooking Class with a Local Chef
Great experience
It was an amazing tour!
Igor showed us so many gorgeous works of artists and some of his secred places in Lisbon. Next time in Lisbon I would definitely book another tour with him. Thank‘s a lot for this great experience!
Lisbon Street Art Walk
Great "welcome to the city"
Dordata (sp) was a great, energetic tour guide in Lisbon! She had lots of cultural and historical info. I felt her passion for Lisbon throughout the tour. Thank you!
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour
Igor is the very best - book this tour with him!
We spent four days in lovely Lisbon and amongst all of the beauty and fun, this was definitely the highlight. We met Igor in Bairro Alto (super easy to get to) and went on the coolest city art tour with Igor. Igor is very nice, cool, knows the city and has great knowledge and stories about the street art. The bonus was that we got to see a lot of cool places in Lisbon that we would never have gotten to see as tourists. So much fun and we got some really cool pics to show off.
I'm not sure how many guides do this tour but if you can, go with Igor - trust me, he is a gem!
Thanks so much Igor for everything.....we kept on thinking of you as we continued our travels in Europe and saw great street art..."Igor would love this!" came up often, especially in Barcelona. You're the best, good luck with everything!!!
Alla & Wilfred
Lisbon Street Art Walk
...Really Fun Tour
Igor leads an excellent tour taking you to fascinating neighborhoods with important street art. It is important to know artistic expression in Lisbon, and it goes well with learning about the history of this city. We loved it!
Lisbon Street Art Walk
A great tour
If you like street art or if you are looking to discover about it, don’t miss this tour. Lisbon is full of incredible street art experience that are worth seeing. The guide was great and I really recommend it.
Lisbon Street Art Tour
Informative and funny
Rafael was a fantastic guide - very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny and provided great insight into Lisbon culture
Chill Out Lisbon: Original Free Tour
If you're into local street art and discovering hidden parts of the city, definitely take this tour! We had a lovely time with Igor on our first day in Lisbon! Igor is a chill and open individual who seemed thoroughly plugged into the Lisbon arts scene. We wanted an experience that was a little off the beaten path, and Igor definitely delivered with lots of interesting and hidden parts of the city that we would have never discovered on our own. Igor even spent extra time with us at the end of the tour to take us to a wonderful somewhat secret bar in a beautiful building that is more of a local hang out spot -- -- it's been one of our favorite places to eat so far. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!!!
Lisbon Street Art Walk

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