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Nicest meeting place

Prešernov trg

Why locals love it

When meeting someone in the city centre one of the most popular destinations to meet at in Prešern's Square. It could almost be said that all roads lead to Prešern's Square, because it truly is the central square. On a sunny day it is also nice to sit under the monument and enjoy some ice cream.



Why you should visit it

The main attraction is the monument of the famous Slovenian poet France Prešern (1800-1848). He wrote the first Slovenian ballad as well as the first Slovenian national epic. Another reason to visit is for the cultural experience. The square can be folded with street musicians and performers.

Special tip

It is especially nice to come early in the morning and watch the city wake up.

Prešernov trg
Prešernov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

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