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We are 2 persons, wishing to do a one-day no-rush tour to the above destinations. Would appreciate any advice on how ... Read more

FOOK January 15, 2018 answer

Hi guys, you already answered my last question so perfectly and we are now at Krvavec skiing, so maybe you can als... Read more

Julian December 29, 2017 answer

Dear lovely people from Ljubljana, my best friend and I are looking for some nature/snow experience before new ye... Read more

Julian December 8, 2017 answer

Hello guys, can you help me in finding a good and cheap accomodation in Lubiana? Many thanks!

Marco October 19, 2017 answer

My travel guide is talking about a renovated and covered courtyard with a colourful wall fountain around Gornji trg (... Read more

Margot August 19, 2017 answer

Me and my boyfriend are coming to LJU for a couple of days at the end of august. We are searching for nice, cozy and ... Read more

Tiina August 12, 2017 answer

Hallo! :-) My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversery tomorrow in Ljubljana and want to find a nice fine-dini... Read more

Ida July 9, 2017 answer

I am going to visit Ljubljana for one weekend, i'll be taking the bus by night from Bratislava ( i am volunteering th... Read more

Cyrine June 17, 2017 answer

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