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What to see in Ljubljana in a really short period of time?

By Traveller June 17, 2017

What to see in Ljubljana in a really short period of time?

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By Cyrine Traveller June 17, 2017

I am going to visit Ljubljana for one weekend, i'll be taking the bus by night from Bratislava ( i am volunteering there) on Friday and returning on Sunday night. So what are the must see in Ljubljana? And how to get the most out of my weekend?

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Hey. Ljubljana is a very small town so i would advise you to organise yourself the Bicikelj Bike and make a bike tour trough the city. Visit Špica, Ljubljanski Grad, The Odprta Kuhinja event which is happening every friday on the market in the city centre. This event is from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. In this period you can taste a lot of different kinds of food, and see one way how slovenians chill after long 5 working days :)
Tivoli is a very nice park which is 5 min away from this event.
A nice bar to have a drink in the evening is Magda, Tozd, or Sax Pub. There you can meet also with other tourists, while SAX is also a hostel.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Be good :)
Local Ambassador June 19, 2017
Hey Marko ! Thanks for helping figure things :) Too bad i won't be able to use the bike because i have broken my hand. Still i suppose i can stick to walking and if needed, i'll use tram. Same goes for The Odprta Kuhinja event since i'll be here by saturday morning. But that seems really intresting to the point that'll do my best to come on friday. When it comes to Tivoli, i sure will be going there, it seems sooo beatiful and i am huge fan of nature probably i'll grab some street food and spend the afternoon there. Thank you !
Hey Luka!
Thank you for answering me, you are a really nice person. I really love what you suggested especially Tivoli parc. Since one day is enough to see Ljunljana, i think probably i should go to Bled to see the lac on sunday.Do you think yhis is a good idea? Especially that i've heard that there is a lot of bears there which really scares me. Do you think it is safe enough? Thank you!
Traveller June 18, 2017
Cyrine, visiting lake Bled is a great idea! If I had thougt of it myself, I definitely would have recommended it!

And yes, it is absolutely safe ... I've been there many many times and probably thousands of people are there every day, and I've never heard anything about any bears ... perhaps for people who really go exploring the woods a lot, but you've got a ton of other stuff to do in Bled than go bear-searching. ;-) Don't worry at all about bears ... Bled is touristy, they won't ever go there.

And yes, please visit Tivoli ... if you manage to do so on a sunny day, that's even better! I go for a walk there almost every time I'm in Ljubljana, and it's very nice.

If you have any troubles or questions while in Ljubljana, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to help. If you decide to visit Narodna galerija (again: if you're into art), I'd perhals might even manage to give you a quick tour there if you'd like.

Have a nice day,

Luka Local June 20, 2017
Hey Luca ! Thank you for informing me that there's no risk of bears, My mind is in peace now. And for sure Tivoli seems really beautiful, i am really into nature and parks so i think i can go there, bring a book some food and just chill there. When it comes to Narodna galerija, that's really my cup of tea. Even though i can't say that i am an artist or so, i've always loved art work. I won't mind if you want to join me, especially if you can teach me few things, in fact i guess i'll be extremely happy to talk to a local.
Great to hear you'll be enjoying your stay! ;-)

Narodna galerija is very much my terrain ... I've recently passed my matura exam, and History of Arts required a lot od work and attention, so if I manage to translate what I've learnt into English, perhaps you'll find it interesting.

You can write to me (I think there's an option to send a personal message to someone here on Like A Local?) and tell me about when approximately you'd be wanting to go there (day + morning/afternoon/any) so that I can check my schedule to see if I have time then ...


Luka Local June 21, 2017
Sorry, couldn't get these answers all in one (too many words, it says :-P) ...
Local June 17, 2017
Oh, and park Tivoli is an obligatory! When it's sunny, it's all green and you can feed birds and squirrels if you bring some nuts with you ... and in general, it's a nice place to just walk, or have a picnic, or just sit down and read a book on the grass in the shade, or go get some icecream ... a great walking destination from there on is Rožnik, a 30 minute walk, very easy one, but also a very nice one, again, if you're into walking outside the city centre ...

If you're into movies, we've got some cinemas (such as Kolosej, which is in the middle of a big shopping centre), and if you're more into dynamics, you can go for a walk to Šmarna gora, which is a really popular destination these days and is just outside the noisy centre, but still very nearby -- many locals go there to have a walk and get some nice views (I've made a review on it some months ago, you can go check that out) ...

I'm not a local at Ljubljana, so I can only really give you these few advices (based on my own experience) ...

Hope this helps!

Local June 17, 2017
Hey Cyrine. :-)

It depends very much on what you're into ... the must-see's are obviously the city centre and the Prešeren square (and have an icecream at our most popular caffee's, such as Cacao, Vigo and/or Zvezda), and you can find some nice views from Ljubljana Castle (which is 15 min of slow-to-medium walking from the centre), but since this area is quite small compared to that of bigger cities, you probably won't be wanting to spend you're whole weekend just there. ;-)

The most famous attractions Ljubljana has in terms of culture (that doesn't involve sightseeing) is probably Narodna galerija, a gallery containing some very nice artwork, especially if you're interested in realist and impressionist painting (you can see e.g. Ivan Grohar, Ivana Kobilca, Rihard Jakopič, and others, who are very famous in Slovenia), then this is definitely a must see!

We also have a ZOO, which is very lovely, then there's the House of Experiments, which is totally appropriate for adults as well and you might find it interesting and entertaining (you can read more about it online: Hiša eksperimentov), then there's a Museum of Illusions (Muzej iluzij), which I've never been to because it's kind of new, and it's said to be quite of a similar approach as Hiša eksperimentov ...
Local June 17, 2017