London City Guide: 244 Best Travel Tips from London Locals

Covent Garden & Holborn in London

Why locals love it

Situated in London's West End, Covent Garden and Holborn are a hive of cultural activity. The markets, shops, restaurants and street performers are enough to see the place crawling with tourists, yet the atmosphere around beautiful historic market arcade alone makes the place worth a visit for locals and tourists alike.

Why you should visit it

Theatre fans will have every reason to come here as it's home to the majority of London's theatres, showing big acts such as the Book of Morman, Le Miserables and War Horse. It is also home to an array of good food and specialty boutique retail, particularly if you head North-West of the market.

Special tip

Escape the tourists and wander the quirky streets around Seven Dials (North West of the market), and keep an eye out for a colourful little courtyard.

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