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I am looking for dainty oxford shoes for a reasonable size, which shoe stores can i visit around hydepark and trafalg... Read more

Jazz May 24, 2017 answer

My boyfriend and i are visiting London. Where can we go to watch the Champions League final and soak up the london fo... Read more

Jazz May 23, 2017 answer

Which place would you recommend for parents who may have a pint with enough space to park a buggy? Thanks =D

Bruno May 22, 2017 answer

What is best place to visit or must-do activity on Sunday, 28th of May??

Zane May 20, 2017 answer

We would like to go out dancing Friday, 19th of May! Not looking for regular nightclub, more something smaller and wi... Read more

Katrin May 19, 2017 answer

If you had money for just one paid attraction, which one would you choose?

Bruno May 18, 2017 answer

Good places to exchange euros to pounds.

Bruno May 17, 2017 answer

1. Can you as pedestrian walk across Tower Bridge on street level (without payment)? 2. A good Italian Restaurant in... Read more

Lynge Te May 14, 2017 answer

We would love a good steakhouse. Pubs with mostly locals. Microbrew. Places to have fun for 4 guys from Iceland (a... Read more

What are average taxi fares? How do I aboid getting scammed to pay more for a taxi?

Paige May 2, 2017 answer

What are average taxi fares? How do I aboid getting scammed to pay more for a taxi?

Paige May 2, 2017 answer

Hi, I am in Lisbon for 4 days and I am looking for a great seafood restaurant or any good local Portuguese places to ... Read more

Jigna April 19, 2017 answer

I'm looking for a non-touristy, good restaurant in walkable distance to London's Victoria Apollo theatre.

Jacquie April 10, 2017 answer

In London - I use ohmyrockness, bowery presents and brooklyn vegan - in NYC - are there any similar pubs in the UK?

Andrew April 2, 2017 answer

Visiting London in May and looking for a something cheap but with good location. Staying for 4 nights so it should be... Read more

Katrin March 13, 2017 answer

What is the best neighborhood to stay in London? I was looking at Marlyebone. Thoughts?

Shannon March 7, 2017 answer

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also as far as neighborhoods, which would you suggest to stay in t... Read more

Shannon March 3, 2017 answer

Hello! I'm looking for the best apparel fabric warehouse in England, it could be anywhere. Maybe someone knows and... Read more

Louise February 22, 2017 answer

Hi, locals! I'm planning a Europe trip and would like to see London without rain (don't laugh!!!). Ok, which do you t... Read more

Ashok February 17, 2017 answer

Hi Londoners! I´m staying in London for 8 days the end of febuary and I want to see all that the different neighbou... Read more

Anna-Maria February 10, 2017 answer

We'd like to go to Highclere Castle in April in combination with another town nearby.

Joe January 29, 2017 answer

hi locals i'm looking for cute shops with children's toys preferably in the Kendington/Chelsea area. any tips?

Rikke January 26, 2017 answer

I will visit London from 28-2 until 5-3. For me and my girlfriend I'm looking for tickets to watch Prime Minister's Q... Read more

Johan January 12, 2017 answer

We will be in London between Christmas and Newyear. We thought it wouldn't be that busy then (maybe somewhat naive of... Read more

An December 5, 2016 answer

Do you have any tips on what to do in London around christmas?

Sara-Lynn November 13, 2016 answer

Hello to LAL community in London! This November we travel for a conference to London and we're trying to figure out t... Read more

Michal October 31, 2016 answer

Looking for some nice places to eat in london hip

Leopold September 6, 2016 answer

Hvordan og hvor mange steder kan osteri kort

Jørgen July 20, 2016 answer