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By Traveller September 17, 2018


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By Stacey Traveller September 17, 2018

Recommendations on where I can go for traditional London food, afternoon tea and cocktail bars. I am even looking for suggestions on what MUST HAVES I should try related to food or drinks,etc. Thanks!

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Hi Stacey

My favourite bar in London is Bar Termini. They do cocktails, coffee and some small plates. You will find it in Old Compton Street in Soho. They also have one near Selfridges off Oxford Street. They serve pasta at that one, which is really, really good. Great friendly relaxed service, I always feel looked after when I go there.

Borough Market has already been suggested. OMG go there!!!! If you had more time I would suggest Camden Market too, but Borough Market would be my first choice. It's amazing.

Have a look to see if there are any events on during your stay - pop-ups, beer festivals, that kind of thing.
Local September 18, 2018
I will be in Shoreditch for a day and Notting Hill for another day.
Traveller September 17, 2018
Hi Stacey,

If you're going to hit Notting Hill, then you must visit beach Blanket Babylon on Ledbury Road, W11. It' a bar and restaurant. The food is great and the drink selection is vast. Great crowd with amazing decor.
Dean Local September 18, 2018
PS Peckham is horrible don't go there! As good as the view is from franks there is no reason to go all the way there.
Local September 17, 2018
not so much horrible, anna! (let's not judge) but definitely not central when you have only a day or two. for a roooftop bar in shoreditch, how about boundary? or there's a new one at the top of the dorset hotel in aldgate - https://jinbolaw.co.uk/ and one at the top of the Savage Garden at the Hilton https://doubletree3.hilton.com/en/hotels/united-kingdom/doubletree-by-hilton-hotel-london-tower-of-london-LONTLDI/dining/index.html. For spectacular views in The City you can go to Sushi Samba or Skypod at Skygarden https://skygarden.london/node/10. These last three are more sophisticated but great views.
Jan Local September 18, 2018
Hey! I'd recommend splitting your short stay between central and east London, one day for each.

In central London definitely head to Carnaby street, it's so lovely with lots of shops as well as places to eat and drink including Cahoots which the other person suggested if you want to drink somewhere original and cool but get there before people finish work so that you can get in! Pizza pilgrims is there too which is yummy and fun when / if the staff start singing. All the roads of Soho are fun to walk around too.

East London has lots of rooftop bars such as queen of Hoxton (I'd check the opening times online) as well as food markets on brick lane (the Shoreditch end is better than the Aldgate end which is where all the millions of Indian restaurants are) and bars and cafes on brick lane... just avoid pretty cuppa... it's prices are outrageous and I suspect tourists fall prey to it.

If you have time to add Southank / London bridge I would. Borough market is great Tuesday through Saturday - coffee from the ethical coffee company is excellent and you'll find all sorts of foods here. You can then walk to Southwark bridge and walk along the Thames to Southbank.

I second what the other person said and check time out for reference... it's my bible!
Local September 17, 2018
I'd agree with Anna on East London (Shoreditch etc), Soho and Borough. All great foodie spots and great pubs and bars to match. If midweek (daytime) I'd stick to Soho and Borough (especially recommend El Pastor for great Mexican food, or Padella for fresh pasta). Shoreditch will be pretty lively midweek evenings from Wednesday onwards.

I'd also suggest places such as Sketch (central) or Bourne & Hollingsworth for brunch/afternoon tea - both very design led (and very insta-worthy)

Cocktails wise, Swift in Soho (oysters are also a house speciality), Callooh Callay in Shoreditch (great drinks and super quick service which I love). StreetFeast is also a good place to head for the best of London's street food scene and craft beer/cocktails under one roof.

Best burger for me is Patty & Bun or Bleecker, and for ramen I'm going with Tonkotsu. Pizza Pilgrims is very good but I'd also recommend Pizza East for an evening as it's got a great vibe in the evening and you can always party on late downstairs at Concrete (book in advance!!)

Hope this helps! Enjoy!
Bobby Local September 17, 2018
Ooh some excellent suggestions. El pastor is banging!
Anna Local September 17, 2018
for afternoon tea i'd look at www.afternoontea.co.uk - they have deals. since you have only two days i would stay central. i assume you mean british food? for that i would suggest hawksmoor - they have a few locations. (where are you staying?). if you are around on a sunday, go for sunday roast locally - that's at lunch time. fish and chips of course and the local neighbourhood places are best but again - where will you be staying? cocktails - london is expensive for cocktails but i'd have some fun and go to shoreditch high street and see what i like the look of (it's a real london vibe) or if you want to stay central go to soho and take in that atmosphere - not as young as shoreditch. so tell us where you will be and i'm sure the suggestions will be much more accessible for you. it's a BIG place with many neighbourhoods. so TELL US MORE!
Local September 17, 2018
Hi, hmmmm two days is a tricky one

For afternoon tea, I would suggest checking on group on as there's always some good offer...otherwise look up on timeout.com/london website and see whats on. There's usually offers on afternoon tea/booze/theatre tickets

My favorite restaurants are:
Dishoom for indian
Honest burger for burger
Kanada Ya and Bone daddies for ramen
Bun bun bun for vietnamese

There's usually some sort of food market organised by KERB around st pancras station...although they tend to move

check out the Tate..or any other gallery ...at least for an hour...smaller galleries like the one in Bermondsey- White cube is one of my favorites also.

Coctails..there's always some theme..again check timeout
There's a basement bar..i think it's called Cahoots in Carnaby. The theme is an old underground station. It's pretty cool

Hope that helps...oh and dont eat indian food from brick lane
It's not indian....
Local September 17, 2018
THX! any rooftop bars you would recommend?
Stacey Traveller September 17, 2018
Hey Stacey!

For rooftop bars I’d suggest Frank’s in Peckham Rye if you’re after a chilled low key vibe.
Otherwise Bar Elba by Waterloo station is great.
Dominika Local September 17, 2018