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3rs time in london. What do i need to see now?

By Traveller May 11, 2019

3rs time in london. What do i need to see now?

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By Alex Traveller May 11, 2019

Already done the big bus tour and seen big ben, tower bridge and london tower stuff, notting hill, camden market.

Anything that is cool to check out that isn't on the main checklists for london?

I like food markets/halls, breweries, small group tours.

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You just answered your question. Do a Market tour yourself:)
I personally think Borough Market is a but overated but people like it.

And please please please.. don't just take pictures with the places. Try to learn something about them. A story or two would be nice
Here's an example:

Goos luck!
Let me know if I can help
Local May 11, 2019
If I only had a few hours it would be Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Whitechapel High Street for me. It has everything I love - market stalls, crafts, clothing, tons of interesting foodie places, heaps of street art, and then Whitechapel is proper old London that not many tourists get to see. Tomorrow I have a few hours with some tourists. I will take them from Old Street Station through Hoxton to see the art and the little lanes, on to Calvert Avenue to Arnold Circus, over to Spitalfield Market and across Hanbury Street to Brick Lane and forwards to Whitechapel. Takes about 3 hours including snacks and exploring. Art, food, people - my dream.
Local May 11, 2019
Dudeee, this time you can just relax. Last time when I was in London, I had fun with a brunette escort from Queen Escorts. It was the time of my life!
Traveller September 4, 2019
I would suggest go to Greenwich Park, see the time line, walk down to Greenwich Market and get the vegan churros, walk down to cutty sark and walk along the Thames and to the Greenwich University and head to one of the great pubs there
Local May 15, 2019
Unfortunately, I haven't been to London in years. It's changed a lot. The comments below are are great. It's a matter of your interest. Art, history, theatre, etc. London is still a great city with lots to see. Heck, get out at almost any tube stop and just walk around. Check out the tourist tours. You don't have to take them, but you might get ideas.
Traveller May 11, 2019
Sir John Soanes House in Lincolns Inn for some quirky art
Sky Garden at 50 Fenchurch Street for a free great view (& a cocktail in the evening)
Guildhall including basement Roman amphitheatre
Selfridges & Harrods have good posh food halls but poshest of all Fortnum & Mason on Piccadilly. Spitalfields & Borough markets.
See a Shakespeare play at the Globe - stand in the pit like an Elizabethen!
Local May 11, 2019
Borough market, Spitalfields market, Brixton are all good food markets.
Local May 11, 2019
Dinerama in Hackney!
Gods Own Junk Yard in Walthamstow
China Town
Waterloo Vaults
Brick lane on a Sunday.
The London eye and walk along the south bank
Local May 11, 2019
Dalston / hackney - you can walk across the canal, jump close to broadway market, where on saturdays there is a street food market. Have a pic nic in the london fields or victoria park (street food market on sundays). In the neighbourhood, there are also many nice restaurantes, cafes and store. Netils rooftop is quite cool.

Close by you can also go to crate brewery, in hackney wick or the olympic village. Both in the canal.

Brixton and clapham - visit the brixton market and some breweries close by. One of my fav ramen restaurants is in Brixton. Take a bus or walk to clapham, where you can have a pic nic or find nice gastropubs

Tooting market - it is a really cool food market and the gin bar is a must!!!

Peckham - nice restaurants & bars. A lot of street art. And one of the best rooftops in the city: franks

If you fancy a food market, mercatto metropolitano is also a good place for you.

Maltby market, behind the overground arch, on saturdays and sundays, has a really really nice street market. And the best part is: you can grab your food and take to the bars / breweries in front of the market. One of my fav places in town.

Exmouth market st - a really cosy street full of nice restaurants, cafes and stores
Local May 11, 2019
Having just posted, I just saw the last line of your message - about markets etc... try this site for details of farmers markets in London: https://www.lfm.org.uk/.

Obviously, there's the big daddy at Borough market, if you've not been there: http://boroughmarket.org.uk/ . I think the general advice for that one is go hungry, go early ;-)

This also sounds like it might be your kind of thing: https://londonbrewerytour.com/bermondsey-microbrewery-experience/

And for a proper London Small group tour, how about the legend of Jack the Ripper? There are tons of tours, so do a search on tripadvisor and pick the one that sounds best to you.
Local May 11, 2019
Maybe get out and see some of the things outer London has to offer. If the weather is good make your way to Hampstead, go for a walk on the Heath and grab the amazing view of the London skyline and enjoy the open space and then explore the village - maybe nip in here for a bite to eat : https://life.spectator.co.uk/2016/09/cafe-society-for-hampstead-intellectuals/.

Alternatively, see what's on at Alexandra Palace and grab another amazing view from there, while having a pint on the terrace. https://www.alexandrapalace.com/visitor-information/

Take a trip down to Hampton Court and revel in the history and maybe travel back, at a very leisurely pace, by riverboat? https://www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace/visit/getting-here/#gs.algbjl

A great website for some of the more quirky things to do, and ideas for 'off the beaten track' London that many tourists won't ever see, is: https://londontopia.net/ , have a look at their 'top ten' ideas for some of the locales.

Local May 11, 2019
Thanks Nick!
Great ideas. I haven't been to the borough market yet. Maybe i will go for lunch.

Hampstead would be nice too. Thanks
Yeah, def give Hampstead a go. there's lots of nice pubs and places to eat and the heath is stunning on a day with good weather. I LOVE the view: https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/green-spaces/hampstead-heath/visitor-information/Pages/Parliament-Hill-Viewpoint.aspx
Thanks everyone!