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Londoners, hi!!!

By Traveller May 19, 2019

Londoners, hi!!!

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By Raffaele Traveller May 19, 2019

Dear Londoners, how are you?
Finally, I'm about to arrive and visit your beautiful city in the first week of June!
It is a trip for job interviews but I will have more or less 5 full days to visit it.
I'm 23, I'm a developer and designer from Naples (ITA), I like to immerse myself in the local culture and do what the locals do. Contemporary art, music, literature. Unique gastronomic offers.

I travel alone; it is not the first time but I would like to have some advice on the areas to "be more careful" maybe. I have accommodation near Ravenscourt Park.

Thanks to all in advance for any advice or straight!

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Hi Raffaele

Covent Garden is a must
Also if you want tickets for any shows go to the half price ticket booths in Leicester Square.

Local May 20, 2019
If you want to see how normal everyday Londoners go about their day then take a walk around Chiswick, not far from ravens court park. A visit to kew gardens is close too. Head to Hammersmith or Kensington for some retail therapy. Also not far. Get yourself an oyster card at the tube station & put money on it. You can get on one bus for £1.50 & if you get on the next within an hour it's free. I often do this to get up town as long as you have the time.
Download the citymapper app, it will help you with all public transport.
You will be fine coming from Naples it's very similar. We just don't have your amazing art stations on the tube like you.
Local May 19, 2019
Have you been to London before?
Local May 19, 2019
First time!
You’re in a good area! It’s pretty safe, stay alert at night same as you would in any city.
Local May 19, 2019
Hi Raffaele,

Most of London is pretty safe most of the time. The usual advice applies - don't walk around flashing valuable phones and cameras when walking past a bunch of drunk football fans late at night - you know, the obvious things really.

I think your biggest concern in central London that week will be the visit if Donald Trump. Apart from the HUGE protest planned for the 4th, which will shut down many roads in central London, there may well be other disruptions as he moves around or other protests take place.

It may well be worth checking with the places where you have interviews, if they are in central London, to see if they have any advice or suggestions if you need to visit them on one of the days protests are planned. Certainly keep your eyes on the British media who will be reporting where protests are going to be, as well the website of the Metropolitan Police. Transport for London ( will list any disruptions they know are likely to buses, roads and stations.

I went on the last demonstration when he visited in 2017. It was very good natured and colorful, so you may want to join in and meet some locals. If you don't, a riverboat trip will be one way to avoid all the road closures. The TFL website has details. You could visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, or even take the boat as far as Hampton Court Oak Palace.
Local May 19, 2019
Thank you so much Nick!
This might seem a bit strange as a suggestion, but I noticed you said you like gastronomy and it is very close to Ravenscourt Park Tube station, so will be near where you will be staying...

There is a Polish Cultural Centre and on the roof they have a restaurant and a bar, serving traditional Polish Cuisine. Sometimes there is live music too. The bar is VERY well stocked with many types of Vodka in just about every flavour you could imagine. I haven't been for a few years now, but a former work colleague was Polish and used to organise evenings there for our office a couple of times a year. We always had a good time - sitting on the sunny roof terrace trying those vodkas was always fun! Might be worth seeing if there's anything going on when you're around.

Here's some more information about the demonstration on 4 June. Some say that up to 1M people could attend, so whether you want to join in, watch or avoid it completely, these might help.

(The Londonist website is also full of ideas of things to do and places to see/eat/drink and visit in London)
Thats great! Thank you.