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Something special for my husband's birthday?

By Traveller September 17, 2019

Something special for my husband's birthday?

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By Miss Traveller September 17, 2019

My husband's birthday is next week on September 26th. We live in NYC and want to celebrate it in the UK.

Our trip is from September 23 thru 30. We are spending a few nights in London. Then we are taking a train to Bath.

I already have most of the itinerary set as well as tourist-y items. We live in NYC so we promise to be on our best behavior. :) We want to walk everywhere when we visit and will definitely use public transit.

Just a little background:

- We don't have any kids, so we can stay out late

- He is an architect and loves art and design

- He loves food (except he hates fish and mayo)

- He likes those little details no one notices in urban life. He photographs historic and architectural details that people usually walk by.

- We love history. The good, the bad, the ugly.

- He loves a variety of music like Bad Religion, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, I just introduced him to the English rock band IDLES . He has even met a few people from the UK who love Ween.

- He loves indie craft beer, especially IPA's

So here is what I'm looking for:

- Hidden historic or architectural gems

- Night life (but not bottle service)... a fun place to socialize and meet people.

- I am thinking of taking him to the Bermondsey Beer Mile?

- Also is Dinerama a fun place to hang out at night? I was thinking of taking him there to chill until midnight on Wednesday to celebrate his birthday.


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Hi there Sarah! That sounds so awesome, I would definitely recommend going to a restaurant at the Shard - I would recommend the ‘Oblix’, it’s sort of fancy but the view is amazing and you can see all over london. Maybe just going there for drinks would be good if you are on a budget?

Otherwise, as your husband is an architect & loves design, a fab place would be ‘sketch’ london. They have a wonderful restaurant and the toilets are shaped like egg pods!
Local September 17, 2019
Thank you!! Oh this restaurant sounds fun!
Miss Traveller September 18, 2019
Happy birthday to your husband

We are Architects in London, enjoy your wonderful trip in UK
Local September 17, 2019
My husband's firm has an office in London! :D

Come visit NYC! Our neighborhood was built in the 1910's and has Mathews Flats (six-family cold water tenements), Ring-Gibson Houses (two- and four-family houses with stores), and Stier Houses. It was for a German community back in the day.
Miss Traveller September 17, 2019
Your visit is almost here. I second the idea of a restaurant with a view. Off the top of my head that could be dinner at the Gherkin -- or even something smaller at Sushi Samba or Duck and Waffle. If you want to splurge and have an iconic tea - go to the Dorchester. Architecture is everywhere of course but I quite like Marylebone High Street with its little shops and grand buildings. For a touristy thing, Covent Garden is rather glorious all in all. Or all around Spitalfields Market where some streets date back centuries. My visitors enjoy the streets off Brick Lane, especially Princelet Street and Wilkes Street - it's a time warp there. Don't turn your nose up at the hop on hop off - London is dense and you get to see a lot in a short time. London by foot is a lifelong adventure. The sad news is that we are in for a LOT of rain this week. Come prepared and never le the rain spoil your day. Have fun!
Local September 22, 2019
South Bank Centre: Theatres, Riverside Inn, London Eye, Fun Fair rides, Restaurants. Simples!

Local September 19, 2019
Bermondsey beer mile is a great idea - I do a tour there and beer aficonados love it - you could combine a walk through Borough and Maltby streets.
Regards Gregory
Local September 18, 2019
I am an architect and urbanist (and musician) living here 16 years studying this city

I would love to show you around. Book me on withlocals dot com Just look for Gregory
Local September 18, 2019