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Tickets Prime Minister's Question Time

By Traveller January 12, 2017

Tickets Prime Minister's Question Time

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By Johan Traveller January 12, 2017

I will visit London from 28-2 until 5-3. For me and my girlfriend I'm looking for tickets to watch Prime Minister's Question Time. Who can help me?

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I have been allocated tickets for pmqs in September what is the dress code
Traveller June 23, 2018
There are details in the Parliament website
Local January 18, 2017
Hi Johan,

Anyone can view parliamentary proceedings from the public galleries but you have to be a UK citizen and apply for tickets from your sitting member of parliament (MP) to guarantee a place at Prime Minister's question time. As a tourist, you can turn up and will be admitted subject to space being available. The following link explains in more detail:

Hope this helpful and enjoy your trip to London.
Local January 12, 2017
I had no idea so I looked it up. Hope it helps

This is from

"Visitors from the UK and overseas are able to sit in the public galleries and observe whatever business is taking place in the Chambers at that time. From Mondays to Thursdays both Houses start their proceedings with questions to Government ministers, known as Question Time.

Times and availability

Question Time takes an hour in the Commons and up to 30 minutes in the Lords. On Wednesdays, the Prime Minister answers questions in the House of Commons between 12noon and 12.30pm.


UK residents should contact their local MP to request a ticket to attend the proceedings in either gallery. Requests can also be made to Members of the House of Lords for tickets to the House of Lords gallery.

Members only have a small allocation of tickets so requests should be made as far in advance as possible. Question Time is very busy so it is advisable to obtain tickets. It is essential to have tickets in advance to gain access to Prime Minister's Question Time."

"In both Houses, the busiest time is during Question Time. In the Commons it is Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQs). Free tickets are necessary to ensure entrance, and are only issued to UK residents who contact their MP or a Member of the House of Lords to request them. Overseas visitors and UK residents without tickets can queue but will only gain entrance if there is space after ticket-holders."
Traveller January 12, 2017