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Looking or Music Venues/Concerts

By Traveller April 2, 2017

Looking or Music Venues/Concerts

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By Andrew Traveller April 2, 2017

In London - I use ohmyrockness, bowery presents and brooklyn vegan - in NYC - are there any similar pubs in the UK?

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Camden sounds like it will suit you pretty well for music and drinking, try the Black Heart.

Also, for North London... check out: http://www.dometufnellpark.co.uk/listings/
...a mixed bag / various types of night look in or around this place in East London (date specific) http://cargo-london.com/events/ - and http://trumanbrewery.com/cgi-bin/bars.pl (don't be put off by their slightly corp website)

I agree with the advise below, closer to the time you are in London check out TimeOut for current gigs: https://www.timeout.com/london/music/punk-and-metal-concerts-in-london

Local May 7, 2017
It is always worth a look at the Time Out's music guide for live gigs in London

Local April 6, 2017
Hi not my music interest, there is Indish.com that may help it has a London gig guide.
Local April 2, 2017
Hi peter, thanks for your reply - are you sure that is a correct guide? link is broken and indish.co.uk is a housewares company https://www.indish.co.uk/