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Looking for good christmas concerts and actovities nov 28 to dec 3. Suggestions?

By Traveller October 26, 2017

Looking for good christmas concerts and actovities nov 28 to dec 3. Suggestions?

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By Shelley Traveller October 26, 2017

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Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is known to be the best Christmas market in London!
Local October 31, 2017
Hi. Please have a look what to do in December :
It’s December and that means winter has truly arrived and Christmas in London has begun. The skies are sparkling with Christmas lights, airwaves are buzzing with Christmas songs, office workers are swapping their salads for indulgent festive sandwiches, the best restaurants and pubs in London are even buzzier than usual and there are festive parties popping up all over the place.
Local October 27, 2017

It might be a bit early for Christmas stuff but things to look into are:

South bank Christmas markets
St. Paul’s cathedral Christmas carol service
Spitalfields Christmas markets

Also there is usually a production of the nutcracker ballet on each year as well as Christmas pantomimes.

The store Liberty usually has good Christmas decorations and a window displays, as does selfridges.

I hope that helps.

Local October 26, 2017
Hi , I now live in Glasgow ...but I see you have some great answers!
Local October 26, 2017
I will go on the site of Sadlers Well and also try the Royal Opera House ! For the exhibitions , the Tate Modern and classic will have some great shows, as well as the RA and of course a tour of the Victoria and Albert museum is also mandatory. But for a free Xmas experience, all the Center of London will already have great Xmas decors and walking the streets at night will be delightful.
Local October 26, 2017
Hi Shelley,
It might be a little early for Christmas concerts.
Please have a look at the following sites:
Nice traditional shops to browse for Christmas gifts:
The streets around Piccadilly (Regent Street, Shaftesbury Ave, Piccadilly will be beautifully lit and the shops especially the large department stores (Debenhams, Selfridges, F&M, Harvey Nichols, Peter Jones...) will be showing lovely Christmas displays.
If you prefer to shop in a more quieter place I would recommend Sloane Square and Kings Road. It is more residental and not as packed as Piccadilly/Oxford Street.
You will see there is plenty to discover when strolling around London. Best not to have a tight schedule but to explore and enjoy.
Wishing you a wonderful time.
Local October 26, 2017
You need to be more specific. What type of activities , what type of concerts, what type of budget?
Local October 26, 2017
Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is worth a visit - have a look at the website
Local October 26, 2017
time out London web site has more unusual stuff on like cabarets etc
Stephen Local October 26, 2017