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Where can i eat in Bishop’s Stortfort?

By Traveller January 16, 2018

Where can i eat in Bishop’s Stortfort?

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By Maria Traveller January 16, 2018

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Hi there are lots of chain restaurants in Bishops Stortford like Carluccios which is an Italian, Bills which is an Amercian diner, cote which is a French chain. There is a lovely local restaurant which is more fine dining called the Lemon Tree which serves good food and there is a Turkish called Skew which is a little expensive but nicer than the gourmet Turk which is horrible so don’t go there. We have pirico which serves Italian and Turkish food it’s loud but nice and a lot of people go there for Birthday party’s as they make everyone sing. We also have pizza express, zizzi and pressie all Italian based chains. The star is a nice English pub that does pub food and there is also an Italian called cico which people say is nice but I’ve never been.
We have a lovely cake and tea shop called South street pantry and we have a supermarket called Eat17 which has three small food outlets for lunch/snacks in it which are Mexican, Italian and one selling gyzo and Katau curry. Hope that helps
Local January 16, 2018