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Julia and Valerie are passionate Rotherhithe district enthusiasts. They walked me through all those places I'm usually passing by every day on the way to the work without really noticing it. They endowed the places with the meaning through reciting historical accounts associated with the local pubs, buildings, and landmarks. The walk ended at the iconic Mayflower pub, where I enjoyed its unique atmosphere and drank some beer in the wonderful company of the fellow walkers. Overall the walk has made me appreciate the Rotherhithe district more. It was a great experience.
London Docklands Historic Walk and a drink at the Mayflower pub!
I would like to thank the girls for such an amazing experience! It felt like a walk among friends, yet very informative and interesting! I especially enjoyed the studio part of the tour - such a hidden jam of London! 😻😻😻 It was very cool to investigate this part of London, away from overcrowded streets and attractions filled with tourists. The walk is very well balanced and not tiring at all. Also the weather was very warm and sunny that day, so a glass of nice cold beer in the oldest pub was very rewarding at the end of the walk. 🍺😋 That’s a great way of spending sunny Saturday afternoon! 👍🏻
London Docklands Historic Walk and a drink at the Mayflower pub!
Fun and interesting tour.
Both guides, Julia and Valerie, are very friendly and full of passion for Rotherhithe, making the tour very enjoyable. Sands Films studio is full of unsuspected treasures. Ending the tour at this historical pub, the Mayflower, is a good idea. Cheers
London Docklands Historic Walk and a drink at the Mayflower pub!
London Photo Session by Ewa
Ewa was very friendly and easy to work with. She was very professional in her work. She made our photo session a memorable one. Thanks Ewa!
London Landmarks Professional Photo Session
Great session!
I booked 2 hours with Ewa our photographer. She’s kind and patient. Very professional and the photos turned out very nice! Thank you Ewa!
London Landmarks Professional Photo Session
Awesome photobshoot
We had a fabulous time with Erica. She was prompt, professional and creative! It was a great way to remember our time in Lindon!
Private 1-Hour Professional Photo Shoot in London
We had a photoshoot with TripShooter photographer Ben Pipe in London. Ben exceeded my expectations and was not only a great photographer, but very personable and professional. Many of our vacations only include single photos of myself or my husband. We don't use selfie sticks and are at the occasional quick mercy of a nice individual to take a bad couples picture, well fortunately not on this holiday. We were presented with a quality group of pictures to choose from with lovely backgrounds in a beautiful city. I am so happy we did this and will look this company up again in the future. Thank you Bertrand, Ben and TripShooter
Private 1-Hour Professional Photo Shoot in London

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