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Wonderful day trip
We had an absolutely wonderful time on this trip! We only had 4 days in London so we were hesitant to leave the city for a day, but we are so glad that we did! Stonehenge was fascinating and bath was a great town to go exploring in, but the highlight of the trip was our tour guide, Collin. He was knowledgeable about the ancient history and modern history and all the cultural happenings in england. It was fascinating to roll through London and the countryside listening to stories of people past and present, we would do this tour again in a heartbeat! The small group setting of the English bus tours makes for a great experience since you get to know others on the bus. They also provided water and delicious little tea cakes and you were allowed to bring your own food and drink if you wanted as well, there were plenty of stops throughout the day if you needed to grab something. Next time we come back, we will definitely be looking to book another tour with this group! Collin, we can't thank you enough for our great experience exploring the country! Chris and Jen, you have a wonderful tour company and we hope to come back for more tours in the future!
Small-Group Tour to Bath, Stonehenge & a Surprise Site from London
A great trip to Bath and †Stonehenge‡
I visited Bath and Stonehenge and had a lovely time. Colin made my day with his funny anecdotes sprinkled with a liberal dose of literary history. The detailed commentary on the places that we saw along the way made it even more worthwhile. It was well-planned and organised, with all practical considerations – pit-stops and the comfort of travellers kept in mind. I will surely be back with them for the other tours. Highly recommended!
Small-Group Tour to Bath, Stonehenge & a Surprise Site from London
Lovely tour of Bath & †Stonehenge‡
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour to Bath, Stonehenge and the "secret place"! Colin was informative, knowledgeable and entertaining. The smaller group made the tour more intimate and we were able to get to know the other people on the tour. The bus was new and very comfortable. Colin's playlist added to the comfort of the tour! This tour, Colin and The English Bus are highly recommended!
Small-Group Tour to Bath, Stonehenge & a Surprise Site from London
Stonehenge Bath tour
This was a small bus tour, only 16 people on this trip. This made it really nice we got a really personalized tour. We really enjoyed stone henge it is really an interesting thing to see, how did they get those stones up and from 28 miles away? It makes you scratch your head. The tour guide Andy was great and personable and funny knowledgable. The trip to Bath was fun it was not what I thought, we could not go in the museum do to time, but it was still fun and the secret place we stopped at was really great.
Small-Group Tour to Bath, Stonehenge & a Surprise Site from London
Amazingly fun and interesting experience
It's great as you will visit the venues that saw many important British bands emerge. You will hit pubs where many of these artists hung out, hear interesting stories and have a sip of great beers too of course! Our tour guide Alice told us such great stories and she was super fun! If ur into britpop I totally recommend this tour, you will have a blast
Rock 'n' Roll Camden Walking Tour
Why are you reading this? Go already!
Alison is a great tour guide with tons of information and first hand stories. I know the tour only scratched the surface. She is fun and passionate about music and Camden, which makes for a great tour. It was worth every penny (pence)! In addition to visiting some great historical music spots, you get to walk around Camden, which is hands down my favourite area of London! So stop reading already and book it!
Rock 'n' Roll Camden Walking Tour
Great way to spend an evening
We had a wonderful Friday evening being shown around Camden by Alison. She knows a lot of the old and new stories about the area and it wasn't all about bands from the 1990s. We saw a lot of the venues, walked through some interesting areas, learned about the pubs. She knew the history from the 1920s to the present and the happenings in the 1960s through 1980s as well. She really brought it to life and it was a great way to see the area.
Rock 'n' Roll Camden Walking Tour
Great fun!
Alison was a fantastic tour guide - very knowledgeable about the area and the music scene. Great pub recommendations!!! so much fun. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Rock 'n' Roll Camden Walking Tour
Awesome photobshoot
We had a fabulous time with Erica. She was prompt, professional and creative! It was a great way to remember our time in Lindon!
Private 1-Hour Professional Photo Shoot in London
We had a photoshoot with TripShooter photographer Ben Pipe in London. Ben exceeded my expectations and was not only a great photographer, but very personable and professional. Many of our vacations only include single photos of myself or my husband. We don't use selfie sticks and are at the occasional quick mercy of a nice individual to take a bad couples picture, well fortunately not on this holiday. We were presented with a quality group of pictures to choose from with lovely backgrounds in a beautiful city. I am so happy we did this and will look this company up again in the future. Thank you Bertrand, Ben and TripShooter
Private 1-Hour Professional Photo Shoot in London

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